Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your Joking! NOT ENOUGH? No way.

He read about it but the reality just hit days food ration is
four of those little ships buiscuits in my hand,plus 50 grams of nuts and
fruit and one quarter of the yellow can of tinned beef, just 85 400 grams a day...we laughed a lot today as we shopped for all
the goodies at the same time we shopped for a few days food for
the cabin .....that cabin food was bigger than the amount for 48 days in
Bounty Boat?..of course Stu got into trouble again for filming me trying to
smuggle a roll of toilet paper into the list...which is the only one onboard
as part of the first aid kit? The manager of the store politely asked us to
stop filming..which we did imediately of course as we could have been
setting up a terrorist plot, which is the way of the world at the moment..No
permits, no nothing.

Mike is back on the team, but laying very low. He came out of hospital this
morning. I waited last night till he came out of recovery and he was a bit
drugged and Dopey, but went straight for the phone and then to sleep,so he
is fine. It was his appendix, so all good news and we are happy to have him

The new mast went in today and we are making final adjustments to it. Had a
meeting with the PR team from Splendid Comms about the Australian launch in
a couple of weeks. Bought even more stuff from the boating shop to put into
TBB including a tool kit and made all the final decisions on Musto clothing
, logos etc. The satelite tracking system is now on it's way from New
Zealand but amazingly the week is coming to an end! Crickey what happened
the first week...the Cabin is great and this Park is realy a holiday haven.
The sun is out and it is just the best place to be all green and lush right
by the beach. The Boat is just outside the front door so it could not be

Tomorrow we start at 0730 with a big day planned...


Tim Stackpool said...

Oh, it seems like the adventure has well begun even before casting off!. Good to hear all is progressing well, and even though one would never wish appendicitis on anyone, what fortunate timing that Mike found the need for a hospital at this time, rather than when at sea!

Dan near Toronto said...

Well Don...looks like lots of 'training' going on. Has Dave learned any more tricks while being enticed with those doggie treats. lol.