Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No More dish washing for days!

Mike is heading to have the operation as I send this. I went and spent some
time with him late last night and he was smiling under pressure with some
pain pushed back by serious drugs. Stu and Dave have gone in now to hold his
hand and try to film it ofcourse?? Hoping to get into the theatre but??? And
Pete and I will be there when he comes out of recovery...stay tuned!!


Stuart Keane said...

Mike, I hope all goe's well with your operation.
Cheers Stuart Keane x

Dan near Toronto said...

Way to go Mike! Maybe you can take the survival course by correspondence.
I'm sure Margie has a nice compfy spot set up on the chesterfield in front of the TV so you can watch the Americas Cup in Valencia.
She probably even has some fresh tubes of Pringles and nice chocolate ready for your arrival.


johnboi said...

wow, just caught up on everything following a link on Mikes blog. Hope he is ok, good to see him smiling.


Elizabeth (UK) said...

I see you're still smiling Mike, in spite of everything.
Take care and get well soon.
Elizabeth ;)