Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Blog!

It is 7am and I am back at the computer..Dave is still in his tent as the sun is rising and the rest are still pushing out Z’s in the bunk room ( did I tell you I have my own room!! Good hey!…I have set an 8am start work for everyone, stop at 12.30 for lunch, back to work at 1330 till 1800 for Dinner then back to work at 1930 till 2100…but the day usually gets all mixed up??...most days we are starting by 9am??


I just read last nights Blog..Bad English and a bit of a waffel!!..I think I am getting “Brain Fade” trying to keep up with all the issues…I went to bed at 1am this morning as most nights for me seem to be around Midnight..Stuart was with me, as he did a great little video clip for us yesterday and into the night..so tonight I may let Dave write the Blog …but only if he can keep working all day and NOT go shopping?…I need to get some sleep…so today could be very exciting…Stay tuned!  

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