Friday, February 26, 2010

Big day Yesterday

Talisker Bounty Boat above (David Sinclair Photo)is all packed up ready to
load tomorrow! So at 9pm we went out for our final dinner together with all
the crew but Pete stayed behind?. Been a crazy day with Dave driving all day
on truly serious, important and fully approved shopping missions.He picked
up some of our Ships Life boat buiscuits that will be a part of our food for
48 days and pleanty of last minute spares. Stu worked all day doing all the
last minute editing of training footage. I was keeping up with the media and
then we all got stuck in to load everything into the boat or the Van.

We picked up 16 Tyres to use tomorrow, as we have to some how launch TBB
inside the container to remove the trailer. We plan to put it down on tyres
and then strap it as best we can, before closing the door for the last time.
The container will then go by ship to Auckland in NZ, then transfer to
another ship for the final leg to Tonga.

It was a huge relief to get this all finished and we are right on track. It
has been a sucessful three weeks with the four of us discovering many things
about each other and what lay ahead..and there are still surprises to the

After tomorrow we are all headed in different directions. Between now and
April 8th when we all arrive back in Sydney (for the official International
Launch and send off) the plan is that each week, Dave, Pete and Mike will
blog here for one day each and I will fill the you can keep up
with what is happening in all our lives before we get into it...

Jessica rang again tonight..we are thinking sometime in the future
challenging her to a game of "Naughts and Crosses" by Photos on the
Blogs...her in Pink in Talisker Bounty Boat??...

See you what happened to the three weeks!!!


Toni McLean said...

What??? You're not rowing to Tonga??? I'm disappointed. Where's your spirit of adventure. But then again, I suppose it is uphill, so that's a bit tough.

I hope she gets there safe and sound.


Fiona Perham said...

naughts and crosses is a genius idea!

Stuart Keane said...

Dear All,
A fantastic few weeks hard work.
Well done
Cheers Stuart

Dan near Toronto said...

Sounds like all the plans are going 'according to plan'. Make sure you don't print the word "Talisker" on the outside of the container...some crane operator might hijack it.
Mike I received a couple of notes from your Mom yesterday...she wasn't sure if she had a son..couldn't remember..apparently not been getting a lot of communications from a guy named "Mike"

Well lads, keep up the good work and don't get run over by a destroyer.

Anonymous said...

good luck i have followed jess since the start now i will follow your voyage i hope all the best

Anonymous said...

haha! Hey yeah! Jesse could run in to you guys out there! I mean it! Be careful!!! lol You know how she likes to greet other ships! Better to know where she is at all times. lol

Will try to keep up with you guys all the way!

May the winds keep your sails full and aired out, whilst those sails wipe your backsides clean! lol


magpie said...

The tyres are a great idea, I hope it makes the voyage to Tonga without delay.
As much as I hate to correct spelling, when it looks better because you are at least nautical, but it is nought for 0's & X's. lol. Hoo Roo.

Dan near Toronto said...

Fiona...great to see you on here!! Your mom tells me you had a grand time in S.A. Good for you. Looks like you've beaten Mike home. Maybe you should go down to Hobart and chaperon your little brother. Sailors in port you know ;-) lol

johnboi said...

naught's and crosses with Jessica... you mean your not going to play battleships? ha ha ha