Thursday, February 25, 2010

4AM to 4PM...Media

Big Day that went well..Up at 0330..then off to the boat ramp in Sydney
Harbour, arriving at 0500..rig in the Dark and launch at 0545. Long
suffering Alex and sister Fi turn up with the support boat( again!) and
launch at 0550..tow TBB out to the Aust. National Maritime Museum. I drive
around to the ANMM with Stu arriving at 0630. The Today Show( breakfast TV)
from Channel 9 were already set up, so as the 0700 weather was broadcast
Mike Dave and Pete rowed TBB into the shot between a Submarine and a
destroyer..then the 0730 weather was done from onboard TBB, then the 0800
weather was done with us all onboard TBB including Steve the weatherman.
There being plenty of laughs all round. The 0830 report was about us with an
update on Jessica Watson as well and opinions from Mike and me on her...she
really is out there you know!...that was great National coverage!

At 1000 we did the Official launch inside and ran the Doco Trailer which you
can access on the web site. There were a few friends, Talisker
Representatives and Supporting Sponsors and numerous Media outlets. Watch
ABC news tonight if you read this in time and the keep an eye out on the
7.30 report in the future.

At 01100 VIPs' and Media boarded "Ammonite" a beautiful 50 cruiser owned by
my mate Marcus Blackmore for a quick run out into the Harbour to shoot TBB
sailing by the Opera House,in a perfect breeze and sunshine..all good
really. By the time we got back to the ramp and back to the cabin, it was
1600 so another 12 hour day...But the crew have all disappeared? The boat
has not been washed? or cleaned ? so could be a late night yet...every one
had fun though.

HI to all the new people following this Talisker Bounty Boat
expedition...our Web hits are climbing fast, so tell all your friends as it
encourages us when we are out there to know people are following this.
Thanks to the people who are putting in Donations to SIF. We have an
ambitious $ target and there are some good things planned in the future
around the world for fundraising, so think about that sometime..

Every time I do a press conference before an Adventure I feel both good and
strange?..I feel good because it is getting the word out and while I have no
idea what will happen with this voyage I know something or many things will!
So that is fun...but then I feel a bit strange, because we have not done it
yet??...It would be nice just to go out and do it...but part of the
satisfaction of these adventures is to fire up those who are watching it,to
get them think about the positive values that Adventure can bring, not only
to those participating, but all those who are watching. just have a read of
the comments on Jessica's Blog. She is a real if you are
thinking about an adventure(that is anything with an unknown outcome) don't
hold back...that could be as simple as riding a bike for the first time

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting this Voyage, and thanks to the
National Maritime Museum for being so helpful, friendly and Supportive. Our
MC Tim Stackpool..had Laranjitis and still preformed..great favor Buddy!

Time to wash the boat, they all came Back!! and then get some sleep! Big day
tomorrow too!


Stuart Keane said...

To Don,Mike Dave & Pete,
"Blooming Well Done" we are all proud of you at The Sheffield Institute Foundation.
on behalf of Professor Pam Shaw & all the Patron's.
Cheers Stuart

magpie said...

Hi Crew,
I might pass on the donation contribution first up.
I think I'll try a bottle of Talisker's first, lol.
Hoo Roo☻☻☻

Anonymous said...

That photo tells the story. You have one heck of a small launch there. Story has it Bligh & Co. made up a head count of eighteen men in that little boat. I guess the lack of toilet paper never even crossed their minds. Truth be told, it is hard to see how you are going to stow enough food and water there to see you through. Logistics are going to be a very interesting part of your story.

Vancouver 2010 (where our ladies just took the Gold in Hockey)