Friday, February 12, 2010

Your doing what?

Well the Guys at RIGGTECH usually deal with all types of "Normal" rigging on
"Normal" boats, so when I was trying to explain over the phone what we
needed for TBB it all got a bit confusing. We have fitted the new longer,
stronger Mast that Doug built,so need all new standing rigging. I had been
so busy that I only rang them this morning about the job and then said how
about doing it today...and they said YES! and gave me a good discount! Way
cool!! We need the rig up when we capsize TBB tomorrow.I was very greatful.

We have stripped the boat and removed all the previous electrical fittings,
which were not going to survive a dunking. I managed to order all our
flexible solar panels at 2am this morning from the USA and they are due to
arrive on Monday. The previous ones promised, never turned up from the UK.
Very much a rush on to sort the electix by next weekend 20/21/22 when we
will head off to sea on full Talisker Bounty Boat rations!! For three days.
The boys are worried already.

Very hot today some of the children had a little snooze this
afternoon, Dave went shopping three times! Yes the shopping center is
airconditioned..not sure what we needed? Mike was a target for the aircon
but is now doing research on the Bligh diaries..checking how many birds they we know how many tins of Lambs tounges to pack..we may catch some
birds to show you how, but we will not eat them!!so we get lambs toungs
instead..Pete is trying to learn how to navigate without charts. I told him
it is easy..when the sun comes up, steer away from it...when it sets , steer
toward it..

Tomorrow is going to be VERY interesting...stand BY!!!

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Greg Utah USA said...

I'm getting hooked on the blogs! keep it coming. best of luck in your preparations and again thanks for the regular updates! Enjoy