Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look MUM! I'm in SYDNEY!

We only had one Talisker T-Shirt between us so I had to wear that and the
boys had Musto Shirts!


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys!

I've read that your voyage is only short and it is to be the same as a captain Bligh from a mutiny that happened about 200 years ago! I'm not a good reader but I'll catch up. Four strangers to reenact the voyage with the same stuff, including no dunny paper. lol I'll be in that!!! I'd love to follow you!

Are the sails made from the same material from back then, and are the fittings the same???

Are you guys the same people who will be filtering and controlling the comments?

I sort of hope you don't publish this but it'd be good to know these facts first as I'd love to follow youzzz and it'd be fun! lol


magpie said...

Hi Guys,
I liked your appearance on the Today show.
I thought it was a great representation of the boats size when Stevie the weatherman took us on a tour of the boat....One step and you're done.
The toilet paper conundrum seems to be the most talked about predicament, lol.
Ho Roo ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

This should be so cool and what a great cause. 7 weeks is quite a lengthy time and such a challenge in your circumstances 4 blokes on board a small open boat. I suppose you'll have plenty of sun screen to compensate for the fact that we hadn't buggered the ozone layer way back then.

What no dunny paper??? lol Who needs it anyway? Is this why the sails are brown? lol I guess you've got plenty of water out there to rinse a rag.

Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip and you can fill us in on all the nitty and gritty of things.

Don! I do believe you know how to choose your crew as I also see you know how to see the talent and capabilities of others.

What a bald and awesome Gesture you did for Jesse. Well done mate! I'm as sure as you are that she won't let you down!

Well, have fun, be safe and try not to kill each other! lol

This should be funny!

Take care and all my respect to you!


Ps. I'll have to read up on your blogs and stuff to find out more about this Bligh character and the reasons behind the mutiny. Like was he good or bad, etc???