Monday, February 22, 2010

New water line!!

The previously marked waterline got lost in translation,so we started again?
At 10am? All a bit slow this morning...but a great job was done and then the
first primer applied. It was very hot and some of the crew questioned what
this expedition was all about and why I was in the airconditioning still?
That relates to me not finishing emails till very late last night,while
others had much needed afternoon naps. I then started at 6am this morning I
had sent 24 emails by 8.30am.I was still at it at noon...then I went
shopping to stock the kitchen which was empty.

One of Stu's cameras took some water on the weekend,so he sent that in for a
health check,while I wrote more lists. We have had some discussions about
onboard cameras and are about to order them..the stories developing on the
inside of this expedition are very interesting, so don't think you are
getting it all here..stay tuned for the Doco and Book.

We are caught in a Webb upgrade hole at the moment, but the updates on crew
profiles etc are just over the horizon. Sorry for all those who want to know
who Pete and Dave really are. The new site will allow us to easily upgrade
and and update all parts of the web site so it will be worth the wait..Dave
our web builder is possibly going to loose some hair over the Chinese
version of the expedition but will be worth waiting for!!!

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