Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NDURA Computer is GO!

So many things on this expedition are going to rely on Comms and computers,
so we are happy to receive our NDURA Rugged computer...yes it will get wet,
but based on what we heard from Pete Goss at last years Sydney Boat Show, we
are very confident it will be up to the task. Mike is setting up the
programs for emails, photos and video's via Iridium and Inmarst sat. systems
yet to be installed.

Big day happening today with plenty of loose ends before the Press launch
tomorrow.The Irish paint job(We painted the white hull white!) antifouling
was completed yesterday and the cockpit Lee cloths should go up today. Then
we have to do a full load/Pack test of all food and gear, then prep the boat
for sailing tomorrow..I think we will have to leave the Cabin at 5am or
earlier to Launch the boat in Sydney harbour, then tow it to the National
Maritime Museum ready for media?

Friday is Pack for shipping, Saturday is Loading into the container for
Tonga!..what happened to the three weeks of training??


Queenslander said...

The bad news:It is a real shame that Don will most likely miss seeing Jesse & EPL sailing through The Heads. :((

The good news: Now we have another adventure to follow after Jesse gets back! :))

Anonymous said...

The Bounty Boat reminds me of my days in the Sea Scouts when we sailed around Sydney Harbour in a whaler that looked just like TBB. I didn’t learn much about sailing but more about bailing while sitting in the hull with a bucket.

Those whalers were very under sailed but safe as I remember being in southerly busters which were breaking masts around us while we merrily sailed on.

You won’t be eating oysters on the voyage unless you run onto a reef somewhere.

I will be looking forward to following your journey from the net.

At present I am following Jessica, Shaun Quincey rowing to NZ, as well as Alex and Pete in “Berrimilla” on the last leg of their trip sailing back from the UK.

Shaun spent part of last night upside down 1000 km from home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I am admirer and follower of Jesse's voyage around the world from almost from a start. Your challenge to Jessica was hilarious, but she responded splendidly.:-) Now, I am following my own dream which is to visit as many places as possible linked to the whole Bounty story. I started with Norfolk, then Pitcairn and recently Tubuai. My next plan is to go to Restoration Island. Hence, I initiated a contact with Portland Road, where I got a tip about your expedition. Coincidentally a day or two later, Jessica made known to the world about your challenge.

Guys your cause is noble, I support it, and with your cheeky sense of humour, I will be certainly following your progress. Good luck!

Andrew (Melbourne)

johnboi said...

Cool, sounds like everything is going well. So will you all be updating the blog when your on the boat then as well? That would be cool, looking forward to all this.

Stuart Keane said...

Don,Mike,Dave and Pete,
Good luck with the press conference tomorrow.
From Stuart and all the Patrons of The Sheffield Institute Foundation.
keep having "Fun"

rbelter1 said...

WOW. I am impressed with the undertaking of such a voyage. I have read the triogy of the Bounty and still can't imagine what it would be like. Not sure I would like to try the expirience. Another good read about a long boat voyage is Shackleton in Antartica. Check Antartica Condition 1 video. Bob in Arizona USA

Bob from Seattle said...

Can't wait till April!

Dan near Toronto said...

For any of you folks just joining the Bounty Boat adventure, you can find more of the background about how Don and Mike came together for this and learn more of what Mike has been up to for the past 5 yrs, by going to Mike's web site and following some of the links. During Mike's solo circumnav, he had to put in to Don's home port for repairs for a month, and I'm sure that's were some of the scheming has come from for this adventure. Mike's 72min documentary is available online and his book comes out in about 3 weeks. Here's a link to some vids etc.

Trudy said...

Thought your challenge to Jessica was a lot of laughs and judging by the photo of her and that big grin on her face, she thought so too!
Breaks up the routine!
I have been following Jessica sind July last year and she has inspired me and is inspiring me to go beyond myself and fulfill my dreams.
I support your cause and will follow your adventure too.
Good luck with the rest of the preparations,
Trudy, Austria/Australia

Toni McLean said...

Well, I'm along for the ride. First heard about it through Jessica's blog, and then heard more on ABC's Radio National this morning.

In all my sailing I've never managed to be in four places at once before - just entering the Indian Ocean with Jessica, approaching Cape Agulhas with Dilip, swanning down the west coast of South America with Abby, and now rowing across the Pacific! - well soon. I thought I'd left my sailing days behind. Must say, this is much easier, drier, and I don't get seasick.

I'll watch your progress with interest. Stay safe and dry! :-)

magpie said...

Hi Boys,
That was a great promo on 'Today' this morning. The Bounty Boat looks pretty damn schmick ☺
I will now look at those Iridium thingamijigs a little more closely. They fly overhead all the time according to that 'heavens above' site.
Hoo Roo. ☺☺☺