Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Switched ON!!

Day one at Barrenjoey Marine Electrionics and things are moving
smoothly...Should all be wrapped up by tomorrow night. We have fitted an LED
tricolour nav/anchor/strobe light , VHF DSC radio, emergency compass light
and a power lead for the 240volt inverter and 12v chargers, all coming from
two 25amp Gell batteries powered by the three Powerfilm Flexible solar
cells...all very similar to what Bligh had..well maybe things have changed
just a bit. As a foreign going Australian Reg ship, with an MMSI number, we
are required by law to have no less than a certain level of minimum
equipment and that is all part of it...we could have had oil Nav lights, but
I know Bligh did not have them, as there were no other ships, so ??

We need all this electrical gear to work under water, surviving roll overs
for up to 30 minutes till we can right the boat,so it has to be perfect and
SHAUN in the Photo, knows what he is I left there this afternoon
feeling very good.

The boys have been busy today doing all manner of "other" work, preparing
for the time in Tonga before the expedition...and taking a few cat naps
along the way, but I can see real progress. We had a big team meeting today
and I handed most of the responsibility for the work over to the others, so
I can concentrate on the media Launch next week and all the official "Govt."
expedition stuff. I have to say we are recieveing great assistance from
various Govt. agencies in Australia and Tonga who can see the significance
of the expediton, so we are all happy about that...THANKS!

As for emails ...I have been on the computer solid from 5.30pm this
afternoon and it is now 11pm..and I have more to do before bed...Tomorrow we
are going to Check out the National Maritime Museum which is the Venue for
the Press Launch and call into the Sydney Heritage Fleet opposite to check
out the actual replica of Blighs Launch which made the 1983 voyage with
Capt. Ron Ware Bligh...that will be fun.

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Dan near Toronto said...

Thanks Don...very informative update. Good to see the lads have their noses to the grind stone.
Oh have you had occassion to chat with Sean Quincey who is about 1/2 way across the Tasman now, rowing? He's had a bit of a go of it so far..lots of rain and wind from the wrong direction at times.

I'll be watching for the press day later...should be lots of fun.