Monday, August 31, 2009

My other Boat ICE

Well I arrived in the UK only one day behind Mike Perham, now the youngest
solo circumnavigator and Jessica Watson sets off in a few weeks aboard PINK
LADY attempting to take that from him. I just spent time on ICE our 50ft 40
tonne motor sailor in the Philippines and setting up a new Office in China.
Managed to get Swine Flu which was interesting.

Bounty Boat is now here in London and I will collect her from the container
on the 2nd Sept. we are working on all the updates to this web site as I
write this, so stand by for some significant changes. I am really excited
about our plans to work with SIF and raise money to help fight MND,Parkinson
and Alzhyhmers,the deadly three, which will hit one in four of us if we live
past 80.

The press conference ( with a Major Announcement!) is now set for the 8th
Sept at St Katherine's Docks in London. If you are reading this you are
invited to attend...check here for times latter...and if you are headed to
Southampton Boat Show, we are right next to the Guinness catering stand in
Solent Park...can't miss us, so come along and say hi! On the weekend of the
5th 6th Sept. I will be at Chatsworth House (with Bounty Boat), one of the
most beautiful "castles" in England, for the Blessing of Bounty Boat and to
meet the Duke and Dutchess of Devonshire, who are taking a keen interest in
the voyage of the Bounty Boat as Patron of SIF

If you are still interested in signing on as crew now is the time to throw
your hat in the ring...I have a group of applicants and will pick the short
list by the end of The Southampton Boat closing off entries, so don't wait,
do it now.

This is only the third Blog but they will start happening each week now with
things starting to ramp up toward April 28th next year..all the best...DON

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bounty Boat and Sydney Boat Show.

Well ADVENTURE is the theme at this year's Sydney International Boat Show and I have been giving daily BB presentations with the actual replica of the Bligh "launch" beside the stage. It is on loan from the Sydney Heritage Fleet. Pete Goss, Jessica Watson and the boys from "Crossing the Ditch" James and Justin are all giving talks. If you didn't know, Margie and I are major supporters of Jessica and have bought a boat to lend her for the trip. It's called PINK LADY! Wonder why? She hopes to set off mid Sept. on her solo, non-stop unassisted voyage around the world. Check out The sad news is I will not be in Australia to see her off as I spend all of Sept. in the UK with Bounty Boat. Even worse will be when she sails home at the end of her amazing voyage. I will be sitting in BB headed for Kupang, probably not even knowing where we are?? Not much I can do about that...

Had a great crew application today from a chap who was at the show...he sent me an email stating quite simply that his wife will be financially better off if he were dead! no problem for him signing on...but then one of the 32 questions I ask applicants is...Do you think you might die on Bounty Boat and if not Why not!

For those Adventurers/supporters in Australia, you may like to know I am now writing a regular column and feature articles in Tradeaboat Magazine.

Plans are moving steadily forward with the Press conference in the UK. There are going to be a couple of MAJOR announcements. It is currently scheduled for September 2nd. If you are in the UK you are invited to attend and hopefully we will see you at the Southampton Boat Show. More on that later.

This website will shortly see some new structural additions and a solid link with the Sheffield Institute Foundation and our support for MND research.

Bounty Boat is currently three weeks from the London Docks.