Friday, August 27, 2010

Quilter's 3 x 3 mtr is bigger than this!

Dave P..QUILTER!!..latest

"Returning to Tasmania from Kupang I launched straight into work aboard my expedition yacht "Blizzard" for the upcoming handover to her new owner and several months later this is almost completed.


In the meantime I have been busy with the finishing touches to "Brandyuck Hut", my 9sqm cabin, an experiment in micro-housing. The experiment is going well and life in 9sqm is proving very comfortable. The greatest suprise was after Matt Orbell from Green Marine completed the installation of the electrical system and I found that even in the dead of winter, with no direct sunlight, the solar panels were providing more than enough power to deliver light, phone, music and computer. No more elctricity bills - what more could you want. In fact life is luxurious after three months in an open boat.


Today squalls pass over Brandybuck Hut, occasionally delivering snow, so I have remained inside with the fire. I am starting to look forward and seriously plan the next adventure - "The Grand Tour - an attempt to cycle around the world. Maps are spread across the floor and I have started to make lists of "jobs to do". My trusty Surly Long Haul Trucker will get some clip-in pedals and a comfy Brooks saddle, however what is really required is for me to saddle up and start pedalling one hill at a time. 


I hope you are having as much fun as me


Cheers Quilter


P.S.  "Is your carbon footprint bigger than your arse?"


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finally started unloading, washing, sorting LUCK this guy was NOT at Restoration Island!.

Time waits for no man least of all me..and OK I will make sure I get a blog from Dave, Chris and Dave W. asap....Chris is still holidaying in Sydney at the moment and due to fly back to UK in a few days to look for work and maybe prepare for some fun in Tonga with me next year?? more on that latter...Dave W. has been working, Adventure holidaying with his daughter and we are trying to meet up somewhere in the world, Dave P is coming over for dinner again tonight..we have a regular Wed. night appointment to watch Tim Cope's Doco ( ABC2 X 6 part 30 min. series) about his amazing ride across the world. So will not feed him till he writes something!!
Have not started on the Talisker Bounty Boat Doco yet but assume it will not go to air until late next year. Same with the book. Sorry about the wait but we need to do it right and I know you will not be disappointed when you see it.
Being back in Hobart it is hard to believe what has just happened, sorting all the gear is similar to when you just get ready to go, so the feelings are quite strange. hard to understand that it seems to have just??? happened. I have to admit that I have just about come out of the "after effect", happens every time when you go through an adventure. Takes you sometime to get back in the "grove" and hit all those responsible things you are supposed to do. I know that this trip was very Physically demanding on my body for a few reasons and that played on every other human part, including my brain...anyway I am still me and very happy about the whole experience, the people I met and the very special moments the four of us had onboard. I already look back on that reliving the simple times...I really want to go on another long sail again, as I realised how much I missed being out on the water, so yes I am scheming again for the future. There are just some things you know you have to do in your life and I have now come away from TBB with a whole new set of dreams, ideas, and ambitions...
I am 55 at the moment and most people probably start to think about managing their lives and organising for the last half right!! so I am very normal..I have set a plan in my head that will take me through to the early 60's...crazy hey..not even sure why I am saying all this here. I have been contemplating many things in the past few weeks! including the meaning of life!..again!!!...I have been so lucky too to have met some really interesting friends, make new relationships and be exposed to differing ideas, all at a time when it really matters, so thanks to those all comes down to which came first?? the chicken or the egg!..apparently science has now worked it out! really???? well I just know that you have to live your life without regrets and have a strong belief in Karma.
If you are still reading this ..I am surprised..some would have just concluded that I have finally lost it and clicked off!!  
Tim Jarvis, Dave P and I had a day together in Hobart on the weekend planning the James Caird trip. Yes Quilter is up for it too!!! I am headed to the UK late Sept. to start work on the Boat, do some presentations to sponsors and supporters of the expedition and make some plans with SIF too. Tim has been working on the Shackleton voyage for some time so I will be meeting his connections there in the UK. all very exciting. A new web site ids planned and should be up by the end of this year once things have settled down.It will be similar to the TBB sight, but heaps better..and I promise the tracking system will be real-time live all day we are on the boat.
We are still raising funds for SIF. I am sorting the memorabilia from TBB that was carried onboard will package them with the book and some other things when that is all done. the Ebay Auction of some big ticket items is still being set thanks again for everyone's support. looks like at the end of the day we will pull over 100,000 pounds?
How's my weight..just managing to hold at 87kg..but it is hard work now and I think Margie has a plan to push it higher..her cooking is awesome??? still have not had my major medical check up??..I actually feel really good but will do soon.
How is TBB..well she survived the trip and transport really well all things considered, the varnish is all cracking , the paint is starting to flake a little, lots of little knocks and bruises, the Talisker logo on the mizzen is looking part of history now, but lets just say the boat now has some real character? like a fine vintage wine. You cannot help but look at her and think WOW!! she has just done an amazing voyage.. I look and think WOW!! that is a small did we do that?..did we??   I guess so....

Margies office trashed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Talisker Bounty Boat out of the box!!! at last.

Well it was a crazy week but as I write this I am finally back in Hobart with the boat. In the previous 12 months it has been from here, shipped to England , back to Sydney, then shipped to Auckland then to Tonga, sailed to Kupang, then shipped again to Sydney and now back home..What will happen to TBB now?? not sure. there was talk of having it in the wooden Boat show in Sydney but I could not find anyway of storing it till then and it cost about $4000 to get it up and back so that may not happen now. I will clean it out and put it away in our Aircraft hanger ready for the next adventure. There are a few possibilities but finding the time in the schedule is always the challenge..
On the Wed morning I went to terry Hills to pick up the trailer that was left behind at friends back in February. driving out to the container terminal I had our boat cover strapped to the trailer and was watching to make sure it did not fall off. Of course it did in the last 300mtrs when I stopped checking it, so dragging along the road it was trashed under the trailer which was a cost $3000!!!...the guys in the yard were really great helping pull the boat out. I had no idea how we were going to get it onto the trailer but it was easy. Our friends at Meridian Freight have been fantastic on all these moves and I know Graham in Kupang will be happy to know that all his work organising cradles and a cast of hundreds to manhandle and tranship the boat worked.. Thanks to all...Now the voyage really does seem to have come to an end!
I then drove that afternoon to till dark, stopping in a small motel for the night. It was 3 degrees and stormy weather and made me think..YES!! the Shackleton "James Caird" trip is going to be a bucket load of fun!!!  
Driving all day Wednesday arriving in Melbourne late I then loaded onto the Spirit of Tasmania ferry to cross Bass Straight during the night, then the next morning off loaded in Devonport for the four hour drive to Hobart. I made a slight diversion to the airport there to chat with a friend about working on my ultralight float plane for a new adventure in a few years time.. ..another historic recreation!!! and plenty of fun!! It was a big deal at the time but little know today. the story of two guys called McIntyre and Goble in 1924...??  more about that after Shackleton! 
While on that I should just say that Tim Jarvis will be taking on the roll of Shackleton ..I will be taking on the roll of Frank Worsley..Capt. of the Endurance and the James Caird, so big shoes to fill as he may be considered the unsung hero of much of Shackleton's endeavours. To get the James Caird to South Georgia is an epic and I have just re read Worsley's account of that little comment!...the book is titled ..Shackleton's Boat journey by F. A. Worsley..if you can find a copy have a I said ..a bucket load of fun!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hell and High Water!

So the Talikser Bounty Boat clip is now up…Google “ 60 Minutes video library” and you should go straight to it…or just try “60 minutes Australia” and then go to “Video library”…Brings back recent memories for me!!..Don

60 minutes story was cool..!!!

Took a quick trip up to Tamworth over the weekend to check on my Gyrocopter
that has not been flown for awhile?? And while there flew the latest
model...slick!! Then back to Sydney and watched the story on 60
minutes..they did a great it will be available online in the nest
24 hours...Google '60 Minutes chennel 9" and you will go straight to the
program and will be able to read the script and then slick onto the video
and watch it...did not get much in about Talisker or SIF
unfortunately....but still a good story...Don

Thursday, August 5, 2010

60 minutes story on Sunday night 8th AUG. yes this is the JAMES CAIRD...See previous Blog!

OPPS Time is flying!..New look PINK!

I have been really busy with the boat show and all the other things
happening in the past week...sorry about no Blog on Friday..Yes I am on
Jessica's boat..and it is hers now...She had her book launch at the start of
the show and it was very impressive...we finally got to spend a little time
together but her fan base is HUGE!..she was litterally mobbed at the show on
Saturday, it was amazing to see. I sold the boat to her as she has fallen in
love with the end of the show she was in Tasmania doing her book
tour, so Mike Perham and I moved the boat out for her to another Marina!

I did a number of breakfast Talikser Bounty Boat talks and two other
presentations every day at the show. It was good to catch up with some of
the TBB expedition followers and Chris was on hand a couple of days too.
Still no TBB? the ship has arrived at last and hoping to get into the
container in the next couple of days but I am now looking at trying to keep
it in Sydney. There are a few things happening here. The National Maritime
Museum are having a Wooden Boat Festival in it would be great to
finally let people in Sydney have a look at it then. If I can keep it here
till next year we may also put it in the Sydney Boat Show as we may well be
launching the Book and Doco Series in Australia about then?

Yes I did make a bit of a Quiet anouncement about future plans at the show,
so I will make it quetly here too. No major media statement for now as that
will be on hold for ??? So whats next!!...well I am looking at teaming up
with Tim Jarvis, another adventurer of some note..check out As you know I have been thinking about the James Caird
Shackelton trip for many years, but kept it in the background till the Bligh
trip was completed....well I am no mountain climber and Tim is no
sailor...but it would be propper to try to do the double! Tim will take
on the Mountain and me the James Caird..there will be six in the boat and it
is going to be very wet, cold and seriously challenging..but more on that

Yes my health is great and I am now at 86kg and trying to put the brakes on,
my tan is fading and the simplicity of life on the ocean waves is really
appealing now!..Hope to have some full health checks back in Hobart in weeks
to come....Don