Thursday, August 5, 2010

OPPS Time is flying!..New look PINK!

I have been really busy with the boat show and all the other things
happening in the past week...sorry about no Blog on Friday..Yes I am on
Jessica's boat..and it is hers now...She had her book launch at the start of
the show and it was very impressive...we finally got to spend a little time
together but her fan base is HUGE!..she was litterally mobbed at the show on
Saturday, it was amazing to see. I sold the boat to her as she has fallen in
love with the end of the show she was in Tasmania doing her book
tour, so Mike Perham and I moved the boat out for her to another Marina!

I did a number of breakfast Talikser Bounty Boat talks and two other
presentations every day at the show. It was good to catch up with some of
the TBB expedition followers and Chris was on hand a couple of days too.
Still no TBB? the ship has arrived at last and hoping to get into the
container in the next couple of days but I am now looking at trying to keep
it in Sydney. There are a few things happening here. The National Maritime
Museum are having a Wooden Boat Festival in it would be great to
finally let people in Sydney have a look at it then. If I can keep it here
till next year we may also put it in the Sydney Boat Show as we may well be
launching the Book and Doco Series in Australia about then?

Yes I did make a bit of a Quiet anouncement about future plans at the show,
so I will make it quetly here too. No major media statement for now as that
will be on hold for ??? So whats next!!...well I am looking at teaming up
with Tim Jarvis, another adventurer of some note..check out As you know I have been thinking about the James Caird
Shackelton trip for many years, but kept it in the background till the Bligh
trip was completed....well I am no mountain climber and Tim is no
sailor...but it would be propper to try to do the double! Tim will take
on the Mountain and me the James Caird..there will be six in the boat and it
is going to be very wet, cold and seriously challenging..but more on that

Yes my health is great and I am now at 86kg and trying to put the brakes on,
my tan is fading and the simplicity of life on the ocean waves is really
appealing now!..Hope to have some full health checks back in Hobart in weeks
to come....Don


magpie said...

Hi Don,
It was great to see your presentation and fire a few comments your way on the Friday.
I was the bloke who said "I didn't think you'd make it!"
Thanks for the great responses and I can't wait to see the 60 minutes story as well. Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Don good luck on your new project it will undoubtly be challenging ! Keep that weight in check Cheers!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Howdy Don,
I think this is the first time I've left a comment of your blog, just want to say a big thank you from one fan of Jessica's for all your encouragement and support you have given to Jess it is truly commendable, there was often many comments about whether or not Jess would acquire Ella's Pink Lady from you upon her return, I'm very pleased she has and I'm sure she has some great plans afoot.

Good on ya Don!

Clint Jeffrey - Melbourne