Tuesday, July 27, 2010

60 minutes & PLASTIKI & Boat Show

I made it to SYDNEY but Talisker Bounty Boat did not...PLASTIKI arrived on
Monday and I caught up with some of the crew. Amazing Boat, Skipper, Crew
and story. Hope to go to a presentation/talk on Wed. Night. Jessica is
launching her Book on Thursday Night and Mike Perham is here too now.They
will all be at the Boat show and I will be giving two talks a day. On the
Thursday I am on at 12-1230 in the afternoon, then each day after that I am
on at 1-1.30 in the afternoons..the second talk is on at 5.30-6.00 each
day..so look forward to seeing some of you there...I had a sneak Preview of
the 60 minutes story today and it is really good. Focuses on Adventure so I
am very happy about that. It will definitely now run on Sunday 8th August at
7.30pm, so make a note and tell your friends...for those not in Australia
you will be able to watch it on the 60 Minutes web site from the following
Monday onwards..check it out!!

I may be making an interesting anouncement here and at the Boat Show so stay


magpie said...

You and Perham are baiting us!!!
What is this?
Sounds like it's guess the next adventure month. Cripes!
Us armchair fans have just been through 3-4 arduous voyages with the odd Everest adventure thrown in AND now you reckon you've got more?
You do know we have an election going on.
I hope I get to the show on the Friday, ☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Sahaja Sam said...

Hello Don,
What a damned shame TBB won't make it on time for the Boat Show, I feel for you on that one; she surely would have been a main attraction and will be missed by many. Here's hoping she arrives well, albeit a tad late to milk her applause.
Thanks so much for the updates and, as Magpie has said, for tempting our excitement again.
Despite having decidedly itchy feet, I unfortunately won't make it to Sydney to meet you all this time around as I have commitments of the high speed variety out on the waters of the Solent and must travel to the UK in a few days, but through this virtual medium I would like to wish you, Jessica, Mike and all others involved the very best for the Boat Show. So pleased to know I'll be able to connect to the web and see the 60 mins documentary-thanks for the tip.
Sending hugs and best regards ... Sam Sahaja (Mex/UK)

Fat Paddler said...

Don, the Bounty expedition was an absolute cracker, and I've really enjoyed hearing about your various adventures. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Cheers - Fat Paddler