Monday, July 26, 2010

Miss my friends!!

WEll it has been quite a few weeks now since stepping off Talisker Bounty
Boat and I do miss that simple life...the hermit crab was on our surprize
sand Cay just before Australia!..

So it is Official...the boat is still on a ship and will not be at the
Sydney International Boat show...what a HUGE!! Dissapointment..we all worked
hard to try to get it there on time...anyway I will still be doing two talks
a day on stage ..I will post the times here come in and say hi
anyway..the boat arrives the day the show finishes!!!

I am driving up to Sydney at the moment..came across on the Tassie Ferry and
will get in just before Plastiki arrives..that is the cat made of recycled
bottles that has sailed across the Pacific..will be fun to catch up with
them...also Jessica is sending her boat down for the show and will also be
doing talks...and Mike Perham is also coming out for the show...he just
announced plans to fly solo around the world..something we were going to do
together, but I have some more exciting plans underway for the next few
years which will be announced soon!! remember to check back!!...Chris
is still in Sydney so he will be at the show sometimes as well. If you want
to meet him I will put the days up here that he will be at the talks!!...I
think there will be a few fun get togethers in Sydney!!

I am only now trying to catch up on all the emails and things ..some from
months ago...for some strange reason I lost quite a few I think into my Junk if I have not answered one of your emails, please send it may well have gone to my Junk and I do not know???

Still no 60 minutes story...the elections here are using up all the media no idea when it was to run.I will post something here as soon as
I hear...

I hope to have a new TBB track up here shortly on the Map page of the web
site. That will allow you to zoom in and see exactly where we went..right
down to the beaches we stopped and the reefs/islands we nearly hit!!...I had
thought that during the expedition you would be able to do that and that you
were all following that rtrack closely...unfortunately there was some Tech
issues and it did not happen..the position was coming off the boat every
hour..but it was not relaying to the web...I was really dissapointed about
that and did not know till I got off the boat!!!...SORRY! would have
been a lot of fun...anyway we can get it up now and you can play with it
..zoom in and enjoy...

Keep coming back here and if you are in Sydney come to the talks and say
HI!! See you then.....Don


magpie said...

Goodonya Don!
Tracking the bounty boat's voyage was amazing. I love the photo, very impressive. I still can't believe a bunch of loony's managed to pull it off!
I hope to see you at the boat show (be afraid be very af...) around lunch-time on Friday.
Hoo Roo, Magpie ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Wow! While it was a pity that TBB did not arrive in time, it was great that I caught up with Don and Chris talking at the Sydney Boat Show on Friday. I also heard Jessica Watson and Mike Perham and got them to sign their books.

Jessica attracted a large audience due to her celebrity treatment. Mike, less known in Sydney had a smaller crowd, none the less gave a good show, full of enthusiasm. His boat is a more high performance ocean racer while Jessica’s Pink Lady is a more robust cruising yacht. He had to call into ports several times for repairs, while Pink Lady held together for the whole trip.
Where they sailed in the Southern Ocean, Talasker Bounty Boat would not survive.


Bob from Seattle said...

Don ... Glad you seem healthy and happy and it's good to hear you have some adventurist projects lined up for the future. I'll check in once and awhile to see what's up.