Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bligh's Grave..again!

Well it has been another very hectic week. After the BBC interviews last
Sunday Chris and I decided to head to the National Maritime Museum to check
out the James Caird replica there while we killed some time before our
flights to we left there headed to the airport under GPS..I
said to Chris hey we should have gone to check out Bligh's grave...about 15
minutes later the GPS took us straight past the we parked
and finally got to sit beside his grave for a few Quiet was a
profoun experience I have to tell you. The church just across the river from
Westminster is now the Museum of Garden history and was Previously Bligh's
church..his house is just a few hundred metres down the road..His wife and
children are also in the same crypt. In 1977 the Church was to be demolished
to make way for a car park! The Australian Govt. wanted to save Bligh's
grave and offered to buy it! Eventually it was saved and a few years later
during renovations the Grave was accidentally opened by workers and Bligh is
reported to be a perfect skeleton with Ginger hair. It was immediately
resealed. To have just sailed along side him all that way and then to be
beside him there was a feeling too hard to verbalise?? But it was very
special and I suppose an interesting way to close the loop so to speak on
the entire expedition.

I have put up some links to the CNN online story and the BBC TV. I think the
60 minutes story could go up this Sunday in Australia?

Bit of a battle to get the Talisker Bounty Boat back to Sydney in time for
the Sydney Boat show. I heard this week that the ship may be delayed which
will be a disaster?..anyway should have confirmation this coming
week?..fingers crossed..if it does not make it I will still be at the show
twice a day giving talks about the trip on stage so come in and say Hi!
Chris is now in Sydney looking for work and Dave Pryce is up in Queensland
looking at a new boat! He may be about to sell his "Blizzard"

I head to Australia on Monday and something tells me I will be very

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