Thursday, January 28, 2010

SHAUN KEANE 1969-2010

I first met Shaun at Chatsworth house during the launch of the Talisker
Bounty Boat partnership with SIF. That's him with his beautiful family and
his mate Stuart, in front of Bounty Boat. We spent that day
together and had a great afternoon at his house another day, talking about
plans and even future expeditions. Shaun never stopped smiling once and was
truly excited about the Expedition. Stuart was the reason I connected with

Shaun passed away peacifully on Sat. 16th January after two years and eight
months with MND. I feel privelidged to have known him and the whole family.
As Stuart said, Shaun never onced asked "Why me?" and always had a smile for
us all.

Shaun will be onboard Talisker Bounty Boat all the way. I live my life
knowing that it is a special gift. I had a brief encounter with Shaun, one I
will never forget.

Thanks Shaun.....Don