Saturday, August 14, 2010

Talisker Bounty Boat out of the box!!! at last.

Well it was a crazy week but as I write this I am finally back in Hobart with the boat. In the previous 12 months it has been from here, shipped to England , back to Sydney, then shipped to Auckland then to Tonga, sailed to Kupang, then shipped again to Sydney and now back home..What will happen to TBB now?? not sure. there was talk of having it in the wooden Boat show in Sydney but I could not find anyway of storing it till then and it cost about $4000 to get it up and back so that may not happen now. I will clean it out and put it away in our Aircraft hanger ready for the next adventure. There are a few possibilities but finding the time in the schedule is always the challenge..
On the Wed morning I went to terry Hills to pick up the trailer that was left behind at friends back in February. driving out to the container terminal I had our boat cover strapped to the trailer and was watching to make sure it did not fall off. Of course it did in the last 300mtrs when I stopped checking it, so dragging along the road it was trashed under the trailer which was a cost $3000!!!...the guys in the yard were really great helping pull the boat out. I had no idea how we were going to get it onto the trailer but it was easy. Our friends at Meridian Freight have been fantastic on all these moves and I know Graham in Kupang will be happy to know that all his work organising cradles and a cast of hundreds to manhandle and tranship the boat worked.. Thanks to all...Now the voyage really does seem to have come to an end!
I then drove that afternoon to till dark, stopping in a small motel for the night. It was 3 degrees and stormy weather and made me think..YES!! the Shackleton "James Caird" trip is going to be a bucket load of fun!!!  
Driving all day Wednesday arriving in Melbourne late I then loaded onto the Spirit of Tasmania ferry to cross Bass Straight during the night, then the next morning off loaded in Devonport for the four hour drive to Hobart. I made a slight diversion to the airport there to chat with a friend about working on my ultralight float plane for a new adventure in a few years time.. ..another historic recreation!!! and plenty of fun!! It was a big deal at the time but little know today. the story of two guys called McIntyre and Goble in 1924...??  more about that after Shackleton! 
While on that I should just say that Tim Jarvis will be taking on the roll of Shackleton ..I will be taking on the roll of Frank Worsley..Capt. of the Endurance and the James Caird, so big shoes to fill as he may be considered the unsung hero of much of Shackleton's endeavours. To get the James Caird to South Georgia is an epic and I have just re read Worsley's account of that little comment!...the book is titled ..Shackleton's Boat journey by F. A. Worsley..if you can find a copy have a I said ..a bucket load of fun!!


magpie said...

Glad to see you got back to Tassie in one piece.
Congratulations and I will be looking forward to Shackleton and company.
By the way he also had a pretty good photographer. I wonder who's gunna fill those shoes?
☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back in Old Hobart Town.............after an awesome journey!! Watched 60 Minutes again last night as I do each week and sure enough the knockers were out..... pay them no heed Don and you other boys ...... you did a wonderful thing for charity and people that matter know that!! That said, would still like to hear fron the two Daves and the one and only Chris..........where are you guys???? Pull your fingers out and give us some insight please! You can't be that hungry or did you almost have done with eating by now or something else awaiting you:-) Hurry up and comment guys!!!
cheers MJ

Anonymous said...

I muddled my words up there meant to say "are you still eating"....... that makes more sense!! Anyway same message to two Daves and Chris .....waiting, waiting, waiting........don"t leave it all up to Don'.................! MJ

Anonymous said...

Um does anyone know how the Kiwi's are going in the Bledisloe? The election is boring so we might as well concentrate on sport from now on in!! MJ

Anonymous said...

I followed dayly the expedition and I would like to know WHEN you expect to release the documentary about it and HOW will I be able to see it.



Tim Stackpool said...

Ivor Ewing McIntyre? Funny, you look just like him ;)

Perhaps on the James Caird I could take on the role of Frank Hurley...oh, wait a minute..he wasn't on board. Perfect!