Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crazy times ahead! TBB arrives in SYDNEY!

That water is Minus one degree, we were 300 meters off Scotts Hut at Cape
Evans in the Ross Sea, air temp., around minus 3 and I talked about 30 of
the people on the ship to go for a swim!! Now I have a team of friends in
Australia all helping with TBB. Time is bunching up. The container has
arrived and our friends at Meridian Frieght are still doing us favours. They
have organised the clearance and Fumigation, so hopefully on Friday my
cruising Buddy Bob Edwards is going to collect the boat and deliver it to
Narrabeen for our new crew members Pete and David to see for the first time.

The Avon support boat I was taking to Sydney has not passed a seaworthy, so
Marcus Blackmore has said I can borrow anything he has!! It starts from a
Nordhavn 76 and works it's way down to a 3mtr inflatable with 5hp.
Outboard...with many boats in between. Our UK electrician has gone AWOL for
the moment and there is still pleanty to do, so our long suffering
Electrician Mark Coats, who was involved with all our expedition boats right
back into the early 90's in Antarctica,will be on the scene bright and early
Monday morning to make a plan.

There would not be a TBB without Doug Cambell. I mentioned to him I was
worried about the main mast..he said I will build you a new one! It's
finished!! So will strap it to the top of the van heading to Sydney.

The same team that helped Mike fix his rudder in Hobart during his solo
circumnavigation is on the go for me now, Roaul and Marketa are helping
loading opperations and with the First Aid kit. Of course all this has been
organised in the last few days by Margie back at central office in Hobart,
assisted by her Bunny , NODDY and four chooks!...thanks TED!

And here is the final word for today...Mike is a teenager right! Well we
"think" the two TBB rudder pins are in his bedroom somewhere in the UK...but
do not worry..I just had two more made!..you may need to check out his Blog
to get his side of the story...Congratulations are in order for MIKE..he
continues to receive pleanty of well deserved awards!

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