Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mike's new Challenge!!

Well that was all fun with Jessica, but a few people thought we were
crackpots who had hacked into her Blog! Some complained that they now have
another sailing adventure to follow, so welcome may be an
interesting ride!


magpie said...

Hi Mike,
Excellent to see your expressions are just as loopy as Jessica's seem to be, lol.
It must be something to do with that salt in the water methinks, Hoo roo.

Mike_trrac said...

Hi guys,

Just another Jessica fan jumping on board. It sounds like fun so I think I'll come along for the vicarious ride.

Good luck.

Mike-trrac (Avoca Beach, NSW)

RichieParis said...

Hi Guys!
OK, I'm jumping too. Where is my armchair?
Your book seems really well chosen. Is it a cruise? Shall we make a stop at Capri?
Don't forget the tea spoons...

Anonymous said...

Yeo, another made adventure, but we will fi\ollow you it sounds exciting

Beky said...

Yes a Crossing the Ditch and Jessica Watson fan hopping on board to follow. Good luck all. Have mentioned you guys on Facebook. You need links to Facebook and Twitter.