Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goodbye Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park!

What an awsome place..I really mean that! Right by the beach, on a lake and
with the best surroundings..a little piece of heaven in the suburbs! And
they have looked after us like you would not believe. I was really worried
we were pushing the limits with five BLOKES! In the cabin let alone doing
all the work on the bout kept in the gardens out front..but not a word just
friendly faces and all the other campers were interested. But it really has
felt like home here so THANKS!!! To everyone here...this was a shot as
Talisker Bounty Boat left on the way to the container at 8.30 this morning.
Dave is Flying out to Hong Kong 3pm today and Mike has decided to go Party
in Hobart tonight so he is Flying down now too,before heading back to
London.Not sure if he told his mum yet?? And I am not doing that!!!

Stu , Pete and I are back in the Cabin for another night. I have to sort all
the gear returning to hobart, try to kleen my room and the cabin and then
tomorrow drop off the trailer at some friends ( till August?) before driving
to Melbourne for the ferry again across Bass Straight to Hobart..some big
days ahead.

Pete Flies out at 6am on Sunday and Stu at lunch time all the plans of
going to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney tonight all fell apart at
the last minute.

Stu is now sorting footage onto Hard drives and Pete is doing his
washing...the sun is shining, the place is very quiet and I wonder if we
forgot anything????


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys. Awesome Blog and sounds like you are all having tonnes of fun in the lead up to your big adventure!! Hope all goes well and will be following you on your way!!
MJ from Brisbane

magpie said...

It's an amazing place that!
It's perfect for a getaway even if you live 10 kms away. My boss at the Newport Arms used to stay there just before christmas and no-one knew where he was, lol.

johnboi said...

ha ha ha I could see you all at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, dressed up as sailors ha ha ha.