Monday, February 8, 2010

BIG Deal!

300 km from Sydney, Goulburn and the Big sheep, it was a 12 hour drive to
Sydney from Melbourne where I finally got off the ferry at 0730. Rained most
of the way and was stopped by flooding at one point for an hour. The Ferry
was late getting to Devonport the night before because of bad weather so I
fell asleep in the car park waiting to load the van...when I finally arrived
at the Cabin in Narrabeen I had a few great surprizes...the biggest was that
the BIG$ Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park checked out the web site and saw TBB
and got really excited so they are going to give us all our accomodation for
free..about $8500 of support which is so good as funds are always tight..but
more on their generous offer later..the crew were all very tired and Jet
Lagged, so it was a strange night..I could not get my computer and had to go
to bed so that was that! blog last night!!!

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