Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vertical evacuation!!

Now we have been told to go to High ground..Tsunami warning??


magpie said...

Yeah, That was a bit extreme closing all the beaches on the Aussie Coastline.
Last day of summer what a bummer. Oh and it was a HUGE 2 metre wave that hit NZ's coastline! We get those every day in winter.

johnboi said...

yes heard about that yesterday, was thinking of you all down under. Take it all is fine now though?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Hope it hasn't slowed down your progress!

I've come across this site and I hope you and your followers can have their say on this site.

Take care


Adam Young said...

good luck guys i will look forward to read your post .I cant wait till the voyage starts I also hope you 4 are not in over your heads ,be safe....adam

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Hope everything's on track with you!

@Heya Magpie! Cool to see you on this site in support of these crazy but brave and caring few individuals.

I was actually watching the new and the current affairs programs about that Tsunami. I paid paticular attention to one story which stated that it's what we couldn't see!

At first I thought it was way too extreme for them to close our beaches since nothing much happened. But it was the under tow and rips that would have been so much more severe. So maybe with closing the beaches saved a few lives but we will just never know!

Take good care everyone!!!

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