Thursday, February 18, 2010

National Maritime Museum Launch!

This is us on HMS Endeavour at the National Maritime Museum. We are going to
Have Talisker Bounty Boat there on Thursday 25th so if you are in Sydney and
would like to see the boat you could come down from about 9am till will be able to see it beside the Submarine...we will be having
the press launch for invited media between 10 and 11am and straight after
that headed out for a quick sail maybe depending on the weather.

Busy all day just doing "things"..the boys enjoyed checking out Child of
Bounty the boat used for the 1983 voyage and we got to speak with one of the
crew from that trip John Scott...he had some great insights into there Grand

The big news is the electrical system is completely finished and looking
very took Shaun just two full days to do the lot and it looks very
impressive..Big weekend coming up, a full dress rehearsal loading TBB with
all the gear to see how she goes with all that weight. Mike is finally
declared sort of will be on the boat for the first time.We have a
full crew at last!!.We are planning to check all systems on the weekend and
there is only one day left to plan that...I am still stuck on the computer
and happy that the sailing is now being organised by the others...

I did get Daves Blog from the other day by the way and will get it up idea what it was but will put it up...for those on Face book
we are going to get our TBB site flashed up hopefully tomorrow so stand by.
Feels like the time has run out already...

Tonight Julie Watson..Jessica's Mum turned up for Dinner and Jessica rang
in...Julie is is horrified !! You see we often have huge emails going back
and forward and tonight she saw me writing them and this! for the first
time...yes I am a two finger typer!!!..she thinks I should go to a typing
school to learn how to do it properly...then she thought NO! not a good idea
as if I type faster the emails will get longer!! We had some laughs
though...all the guys spoke to Jessica which was fun and there was quite an
amount of teasing going on all round.

Dave went shopping today! And I am very happy he did..he got me the most
amazing little emergency head lamp and all the gear to cook Spaghetti Bogg!
And it was great..he really is a good cook...may send him shopping
tomorrow..have to tell you there is a lot of serious laughing going on in
this camp every is quite a team!


Dan near Toronto said...

I have grave concerns that Dave will be able to complete the the heck is he EVER going to go THAT long without shopping! LOL

johnboi said...

love reading the blog, check it every day. Wish I was down under with you all, not only because its freezing here but... ok its because its freezing here. Good to see you all looking well, pleased Mike is feeling more it. Cant wait will you all set sail.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Just to clarify HM Bark ENDEAVOUR - Bark refers to the type of hull, in the 18th century ships were classified by the type of hull and it's berthed at the Australian National Maritime Museum.