Monday, February 8, 2010

Day one 2 down!

Well we are finally all together as a complete TBB crew and the young ones
are fading fast! This is Stu our reserve 5th man and camera man..he pulled
his back with a 3 KG camera! So was up and down all day during our first day
of survival training. Mike lasted only a few hours and had to leave the room
feeling a bit off? I just thought he was Jet lagged but decided he was best
off in bed at the cabin, so organised a Taxi for him and while waiting he
was throwing up. Now at the end of the day we have him relaxing and
re-hydrating..he is still smiling!! So all OK...on the next Blog it is the
BIG 4 Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park who are new supporting sponsors..not the
BIG$ was a slip of the keys!!! OPPS

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