Friday, February 19, 2010

SkyEye Tracker!

We fitted the Tracker today and tested the spare..they over the
next few days we will try to get something happening on Google earth. This
system is self contained solar powered and submersable...we will not know
where we are but you will be able to see our position every two hours during
the expedition plotted onto the Google earth map right here on the Web site.

Picked up the the Mizzen today with the new Talisker signage and the crew
tried to get the boat ready for started at 10 am?? and lasted
for three hours till lunch ..Dave slipped off for a few afternoon ZZ's in
the tent,so Pete and Mike decided to water bomb the tent at 3.30 to get him
out...a few things on the boat went well..a few things not so well...but it
is happening.

Right now we have a new house mother!!..the whole Watson family is here now
( except Jessica!) and Julie is in the galley preparing dinner!!! Dave has
gone shopping? Roger, Jessica's Father ,sister Hannah and brother Tom are
all sitting amongst all the boat gear chatting...Stu has put together
another film clip of the Roll over last weekend, so it is all happening...I
have a conference call with Talisker people tonight in the UK and the
planning for the press launch is getting frantic...

If you are in Sydney we will be on Pittwater for Saturday and Sunday ..just
look for the Tan good to say hi!!

1 comment:

Dan near Toronto said...

Don...that doesn't look like a SkyEye tracker!! It looks like one of those fancy NASA portapottys that they have on the Shuttle, the kind that sucks up everything and cleans ya at the same time.

NO WONDER you don't need toilet paper!...LOL