Monday, February 22, 2010

Jessica's Oyster!!

Well here it is..a blury photo of Mike and I eating a smoked oyster...WHY??
Well you see Jessica Watson just rang in for a chat with Mike and I was in
the room. When we are together the coversation can get very
how many days are there in August?? Well there was total confusion till I
said count your nuckles??..I have been doing that since I was about
10...when you are on the top of a nuckle, there are 31 days and inbetween
there are 30 days, except for Febuary which has 28, or 29 in a leap
year...just put your fists together and start counting. Jan, Feb, March etc
etc. You will never have to look at a calendar again...then some how Jess
started Bragging about the fact that she had smoked oysters onboard..big did we!! we got onto the fact that there is a whole group of
people around the world that believe man did not land on the moon at all.It
was all done in Hollywood...Mike and I are some of the
people who comment on Jessica's Blog..that she is not really out there, it
is all a scam and she is actually in the the Pacific, hiding behind an
island or she may even be in a studio? But not in Hollywood she is not that
important! ..Maybe Bollywood! we set a challenge...Mike and I would
immediately open our oysters and eat them on a cracker live "realtime" while
talking to Jess,photograph it and get it up on the Blog within 10 minutes
and she has to do the same, or it is all ONE BIG SCAM!!! go see and see if her "oyster shot" is up yet...this will
show the world once and for all that it is real!!!..or is it?


johnboi said...

its all fake, its not on her blog!

a good one for months: 30 days have September, April , June and November all the rest have 31 except feb which is just awkward. :)

Any chance of asking the sun to come towards England for a bit? Its cold and cloud here all week.

Anonymous said...

Oh no another blogsight, if I keep following all you sailors around this world I will never get anything done during the day or night for that matter. Love the humour guys, you need to go a long way to catch up with Jessica's blogging numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how the picture proves anything at all??? What am I missing????

Anonymous said...

yeah, and instead to talking to some merchant boats on VHF in the Atlantik she was using ??? oh yes, and the what we see on our sats are what ? some aussie pushing a paper boat over the ocean ?

oh man, you don't need to be stupid crazy to be a sailor, but it helps !!

Good Canadian said...

Gentlemen...kudos for the oyster stunt!

And you're absolutely correct about the moon landing. That was an inside-job hoax to win the coldwar.

Look at the high-res photos at Nasa. Would they really hold it together with scotch tape?

Look at the buckled sheet metal!

Casey in Los Angeles said...

Just chiming in to let y'all know that I'm in Hollywood and there is no where for Jess to hide! If she was here the paparazzi would know it in a minute! Go Jess!