Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WOW! Jessica is really doing it?

The proof is on www.jessicawatson.com but she has toilet paper, charts, torches, plenty of food and water, ipod, ..Us “real men” have none of that!! Go see www.taliskerbountyboat.com for the real story…


Mal Johnston said...

Hi Guys,
Jessica's last blog just put your adventure on the radar so expect heaps more attention and comments!!
What a good cause! I will stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, just found your blog from Jessica's last blog. Sounds like it will be a fun trip. I will now be following you guys. BTW your link to Jess's site in your last post goes to some other site.
Hope Mike is feeling better.
Jules of the NSW Riverina

Nan Mim said...

Whooeee Jess and Bounty Boat Crew - you are all so clever and great fun!!!
Nan Mim

Ruth Price said...

Jessica's website is www.jessicawatson.com.au You missed the .au :)

Anonymous said...

Wrong URL for Jesica's blog guys - you dropped the '.au'. Should be: