Monday, February 8, 2010

Mike Fails Survival Course?

Good excuse though..he went to hospital!..we set off to the pool at 0700 on
Sunday without Mike, as he was feeling a bit poor and then turned our phones
off as we were in the pool trying to survive..Mike felt bad, rang Margie in
Hobart and our friends Bob and Margaret here in Sydney swung into action and
drove over to the cabin, picked him up and took him to Manly Hospital where
he was admitted to the Emergency Medical unit for observations..suspected
Appendicitis...we finished the course and exams at 1800 and then saw all the
missed when we realised what was on..and then spoke to him, we
were a bit relieved to see he was just after the phone charger and his books

We went into see him with cameras rolling and got into a bit of stife for
filming in the Hospital, but in the end they said OK just in his room...he
was all smiles and looking like a Pom! White and in need of fattening
up!..but in a bit of pain we were all happy to see him being
looked after.

It is now Monday at 1730 and I have finally got an email link up...been
having a few problems here in Sydney,so you will see I just dumped the last
four blogs all at once..I had sent them on Friday and Sat. night, but they
bounced back...very frustrating being "Off Line" I have to tell you..anyway
Mike last night was fasting and set to see the surgeon this morning for a
decision weather to have the operation ..they delayed till midday and have
now decided to wait till it gets a little worse and then decide in the
morning ( Tue) it is another night in Hospital for Mike!

Jessica/Pink Lady rang from the middle of the Atlantic today and was
surprised to hear Mike was down...we speak every week and both had a few
laughs about him trying to get out of doing the dishes in the Cabin.

For now it is better for it to happen here than in TBB half way across the
Pacific,so I hope they take them out if that is the problem.For Mike it is
hard being away from home and family, but us Blokes will look after him..I
should say under the strict supervision of Margie and can't thank Bob and
Margaret enough....they own a Nordhavn 46 and cruised the Med for three
years then across the Atlantic, and Pacific for a year back to Australia.
Last year they went up to the Great Barrier Reef and they are thinking of
meeting TBB at Restoration Island with our camera man!

So pleanty happening at the moment!

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