Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chuck a DUCK!!

Well it is now 9am on Wed. Morning an Dave has missed his chance to blog! I
gave it to him at 10am yesterday when he was ready for work...things were
looking good right to the Shopping all day...but when we delivered
TBB to Mark Coats our electrician at the end of the day so he can do all the
wireing, the crew, lead by Dave! thought time to
blog? they went into the city returning about 2am this morning...I
thought I would stay and tidy my room which would take a few hours...and I
had pleanty of emails to write...There were pleanty of laughs planning the
activities before they left..and mother black duck and baby duck cruised
past..Pete looked at me and said "could we eat duck on TBB"..I said only if
you catch he did...Mum was miffed , the duckling was cool..but we
did not eat him, very funny though...My plans failed as the mobile internet
"stick" was in Daves car? And the cabin System just does not send out...

Pete is out for his morning training..he is very fit and makes me feel real
guilty, Stu and Mike are ready to roll, the sun is up...Dave is shopping for
a Flat White!

Some big days ahead. I hand over the last work list to the crew today and
tomorrow we are headed into Darling harbour to the Sydney Heritage Fleet as
they have the replica of Blighs actual Launch he sailed the voyage.

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