Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It’s on www.jessicawatson.com.au I check it every day so you would think I know that!


evolution500 said...

If you don't believe it why don't you do a little investigating, and confirm with some of the people that Jessica has met up with e.g. the pilot of the aircraft that took her parents out, Dilip another circumnavigator who saw and spoke with her, the naval ships she encountered. There are plenty of opportunities for you to prove or disprove it. You guys are jerks. I bet you were at the front of the motley crew saying that the moon landing was a con. Stop with the superior attitude and crap and do a little detective work......if you are game....put your money where your mouth is!!!

PetElf said...

Wow, take a deep breath, Evolution. Can you say humor??!!

Dan near Toronto said...

@ evolution...hi mate...I think you are missing a BIG part of the picture here.
You should probably know that Don bought Jessica's boat for her and is a major sponsor of her voyage. They have been having fun with each other for months now. She and Mike have chatted for more than a year and they talked via sat. while Mike was doing his 'round last year and on numerous other occasions.
So you should probably lighten up a lot, maybe even print a retraction..that would seem fair.
If you'd been following the numerous players here for the past couple of years, you'd have less distructive things to say.

RichieParis said...

@evolution and Dan
Ha Ha Ha
People say that a really good joke is when some people get it and some don't. evolution did not. Dan did. I did not... recognize Don and Mike, did not get what this was about, and even wondered if (funny and harmless) hackers hadn't wanted to joke with Jessica's blog. All that oysters story, the days of each month, and even Bountyboat project looked like fantasies...
Getting reactions from persons who "jumped in the fake whole", like evolution and me, adds some spice to the oysters! They caught us!!! And of course, the mean words evolution used are natural, he was just defending Jesse!!!
Very funny!!! Thanks to all!
I think that this crazy new journey is going to be a big heap of fun!