Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who is the real CHICKEN!

That is Footloose hanging onto me and Simone in the Van...Two of Margies
chickens helping load the Van...that's Dougs new mast on top and what a
glamor it is with 10 coats of varnish and all had built..I finally arrived
in Hobart at 2200hrs last night, straight from ORION, For awhile I thought
it would all fail and I would be stuck in NZ as the airport was fogged in
out in the morning. Lucily I just made the was 0300 by the
time I got to bed and up at 0630 to start sorting , loading and getting
emails out. Have to be gone by 1300 as I have to get CT scans done of my
kidneys on the way to Devonport to meet the ferry tonight...yes I have
Kidney Stones, so need to make a management plan for that, not fun in TBB
halfway to no where in the Pacific. The good news is that I get no web
connection on the Ferry tonight, so will finally get some sleep across Bass
Straight. All the crew are now on planes headed to Australia. They will all
beat me to the Cabin in Sydney arriving early morning and when they see
where we are staying, they may be planning their own mutiny before I
arrive.Be are about to see the inner workings of an expedition
and sometimes it is not as it appears from the outside...but hey! That's
part of the fun, we are all human, make mistakes, get
frustrated,scared,laugh and just get in and do it,so no point in being a
chicken all your life I am Off!..see you when I get to Sydney late on
Friday night.

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Heather perham said...

Hi Don

I just love the photo, what ever next. Looking forward to seeing a pic of your Bounty Boat crew.

How did the survival training go!!

Maybe you can remind Mike to write a blog as well:):)

Have fun.

Best wishes