Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pains Wessex!! Firepower

Hope we never need them but all our Pains Wessex Flares and EPIRB arrived.
Good to know we have the best in the world. We are using a McMurdo 406, GPS
EPIRB for the TBB with another in the life raft and will shortly be
receiving the neatest Personal Locating Beacons you can imagine...they are
tiny, full function 406 gps PLB's that we will have on us virtually all the
time..wait till you see them!


Bob from Seattle said...

You guys with the same caps all look ready and raring to go. I couldn't find anything on Bligh's fishing success or lack of, but I would think it would be a safe bet to assume the intended route has far less fish than it did in 1789. But of course you'll have more advanced lures, so that should compensate you some. Or maybe not as the best lure is probably live bait.

April 28th ---marked on my calendar!

Dan near Toronto said...

Mike, that's a serious fashion statement mate. You'll have to consult with Fiona next time, before you get shorts that clash with that shirt...ouch that hurts the eyes...LOL