Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everything is now up in the air!!


Anonymous said...

hi and all the best. we are in Costa Rica on holiday following Jessica and found you link. Dee and Charles Toms

Dan near Toronto said...

Looks like that shipping tag on the side says "ship to Seattle".

Anonymous said...

We've been following Jessica Watson and saw her link to your blog. I'm in the middle of reading Caroline Alexander's "The Bounty." Remarkable. You're in for quite an adventure, and we'll be following you!

All the best,
David and Barbara Crossman
Nashville, TN U.S.A.

Bob from Seattle said...

Also happened in 1789:

George Washington starts his first term as President.
Alexander Mackenzie reaches his delta on the north shore of the Yukon.
Parisians storm the Bastille.
and the Pope appoints the first US bishop.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your adventure I will be following it with interest.