Thursday, February 11, 2010

Real men eat meat!

Steak , Mushrooms and onions!Five guys living together can be interesting,
but there were also stir fried vegies..I had the option of this shot or one
of the kitchen but decided that was too shocking to put up! Early start
today with Mark Coats from BME our trusty Expedition electrician calling in
at 7.30 to go over the electrical problems..basically we are starting again
as there are a few bits missing and we are really pushed for time...but I am
confident now we will get ontop of it...even though Mark had a flat battery
in his car when he left!! I mean he was laughing too!!

So Dave and Pete were busy with boat building Jobs, Stu was filming and
editing and I was stuck on the computer and phone for most of the day, till
I broke out in the afternoon to look for a good site to Capsize TBB on
Saturday...Mike is still resting with the TV on "loud", his computer working
Face book and texting on his phone...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

If anyone in Sydney is reading this and you have nothing to do this weekend,
we are looking for volunteers to help with the capsizing of the boat..expect
to get wet and be in a couple of boats maybe, so shoot me an email so we can
meet up?..I have Alex ( Bob and Margarets son) as a replacement for Mike who
cannot get wet yet. We need four in the water.

Sat around the TV tonight to watch Jesse Martins documentary on ABC
TV...Jesse is still the youngest solo around the world non stop sailor, and
a friend, so it was all was about his sailing trip around the world
with two girls and his brother..really good.

Big day tomorrow...

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Stuart Keane said...

The Ships biscuits looked more appealing?