Sunday, April 4, 2010

We are all Happy Easter Bunnies-Now!

Yes, everyone are Happy Bunnies now that Don, has got a new full compliment of crew!
Congratulation to the new crew members, David Price an experienced "Old Salt" and the very young new adventurer Chris Wilde from England.
Welcome aboard the Talisker Bounty Boat expedition 2010. Lets not forget Dave the only original crew member quietly waiting for the "Off", doing his last minute shopping in Hong Kong!
It seems to have been a very long week for everyone concerned, and I bet it's a big weight off Don's mind now that he is back to square one with a full crew? I know how much work goes into planning expeditions! I am going to the Norfolk Broads on holiday next Saturday for seven day's with my wife Lynn,my son & daughter James and Danielle,we are taking my new boat UG-LEE 1 pictured above.( I bet you all thought it was "Son of Bounty"? well you would have been wrong, I won my boat on the internet, and paid the princely sum of four pounds and ninety nine pence for her( £4.99), Lynn say's that I was robbed!)
She was commissioned as a fishing boat for sheltered waters,(Lynn say's it should have been for a Sheltered Home) but when I got her she layed very much bow down in the water, I have spent several day's having the Bow made more buoyant, I have also put on a Lee Board on the port side and a "La-teen" sail of some 5o square feet. She goes for her final " Sea Trials" tomorrow at a local lake, so keep your fingers crossed. Incidentally the Norfolk Broads are an inland waterways of some 120 miles long that were man made by workers cutting out peat over several centuries, which eventually flooded and became a usefully way of transporting cargo, it is a very testing area for sailing, with High winds and narrow twisting channels, it is where Admiral Lord Nelson learned to sail as a boy.
I seemed to have been ages preparing for our little expedition with my UG-LEE 1's, which is obviously nothing near the magnitude of Don's TBBE 2010. well done Don, a good week for you!.

Did someone mention weight in a previous Blog?
Was it 99kg's?
( FYI 99kg = 217 lbs or nearly 15 and a half Stones)
That's heavy for a man that's only five foot two inches tall in there stocking feet?
It should bring the freeboard down some?
Don, the Chemist scales were not wrong, but next time have both legs on the scales!
Have a Great Easter Y'ALL
Cheers Stuart Keane Patron, Sheffield Institute Foundation
p.s. We all look forward to the International press launch this week


William Watson said...

When you're not using the Ug-lee 1 as a boat you could use it as a dog grooming trailer. lol (Maybe change the name though)

Jungle said...

Excuse me...but that isn't a boat you won. For £4.99 someone sent you a trash dumpster. I'm deeply sorry to be the one to break this to you, but you wouldn't listen to your wife. I'm so sorry.


Anonymous said...

Aw see - I don't even know William Watson but he thought it was a dog grooming trailer as well..........LOL Lynn - we all feel very sorry for you - you are a brave brave woman!!! From MJ