Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Margie Loves Satellite gear!

The saga continues. We have the best Ndura computer in the world and iridium
phones, but after another day Margie is still struggling, even with the best
support from our Sat. team in the USA...anyway I think we are just about is all new systems and we have two different model phones, some
faulty software for the phones and even a cable problem, all throwing a
fruity at us..Life was once simple...all this will be vital for keeping info
coming off TBB. We will also have an Iridium Pager to get messages to the
boat, re media commitments during the voyage and an Inmarst Bgan system to
try sending out video clips occasionally...all we have to do is get it all
working and keep it working!

Running out of time here at home. Still chasing gear, screen printing logos
on Jackets, picked up our Smitten Underwear today..very good stuff.. All my
drugs for all my problems, tee tree oil for salt water sores, some
soap!..(Bligh may well have had soap) and answering a growing list of Media
calls, My 32 KG of camera gear is now having to be sent to Sydney, as ran
out of time to get it to Hobart. We fly out tomorrow at 5pm for Sydney. Just
discovered that our emergency Garmin GPS Hand Help Waterproof Chart Plotter
was missing a chart of Queensland so that is being rushed from Singapore, to
Sydney. The last storm sail has just been finished in China, so Dave in Hong
Kong is trying to get that before flying out tomorrow night. Camera man Stu
is now in the air headed to Sydney. I am trying to clear customs with TBB in
Tonga. Louise Waterhouse is organising our papers to enter Tonga on one way
tickets...numerous people in Tonga are trying to help us organise a "meet
the people" event while we are there next week. Last minute safety gear was
delivered to one of our support team in the UK to fly out with them next
week.This is just a small part of what is going on.

The highlight of the day was determining what we would/should call
Bligh..Capt? Commander? Or Lieutenant Bligh? on future despatches!! the
end of the day they are all we are going to leave it as Capt. that could start an interesting debate!!

Heading toward midnight here and Margie is still out in the office..I have
to head out very early in the morning to the TV studio for a live Update on
Jessica's latest situation ( I am guessing a May 2nd arrival) then back home
to start Packing..the floor is covered with stuff! TOO late now! to


Roski said...

So it starts! Hope all people and essential items make it to Tonga. Sounds like a juggling act. Stay positive, cheerful and quick minded and it will all come together.

Hoping future south Pacific storm intensity stays at a low level rather than making headlines about global warming's influence. Will be checking in at often.

Good luck!

bernice said...

great blog this morning have been following with great interest as i have jessica from day one she is doing so well as is ella pink lady,hope your adventure goes well as i"m sure it will,look in again tommorrow bernice

Queenslander said...

@ Roski,

Here all by yourself?

Ditto your sentiments on the wx.

Hope all the final preparations go smoothly.


Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

Margie, You are the Great communicator even better than the other famous Great communicator, President Ronald Reagan.
I am sure that you will sort it!
Cheers Stuart