Monday, April 26, 2010


Good wishes from Professor Pam Shaw

Director of the Care and Research Centre for Motor Neurone Disease, University of Sheffield

It is such an honour that Don and his brave crew have chosen the Sheffield Institute for MND as the charitable cause that they are going to support from the Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition.

May the good forces of the Universe keep you all safe and well and your spirits high during your amazing adventure. The Sheffield MND Care and Research teams will be thinking about you every day and rooting for you every mile of the journey.

Your strength and courage which will be mustered to help those robbed of their strength by the devastating illness that is MND, are inspirational. The endurance and hardship of your journey will be turned to tremendous benefit for the victims of one of the worst diseases in medicine.

At the end of this adventure you will have wonderful stories to inspire your grandchildren
and I hope a warm glow of pride at the good in the world you will have achieved.

We are so grateful to you for your support and for sending this beacon out to call for support for research into MND and related conditions.

Good luck and God speed.

Warmest regards




Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Some Comments Made By Kind people who have Donated to the Sheffield Institute Foundation to research into MND/Lou Gehrig's/ALS Disease.

"Mike inspired me to donate from his tv documentary!
Donation by Ben 05/11/09"

"Such a great charity and what an incredible journey you are about to undertake.Safe travels and good sailing!
Donation by Mike Diamond 05/11/09"

"Donation by Dan Hills 05/11/09"

"My mother died from this condition and the effects on our family were devastating. Good luck with your venture in aid of this worthy cause.
Donation by Frances Gilmour.nee Tinney. 13/11/09"

"Please take toilet paper. ;)
Donation by Douglas Pyle 04/12/09"

Donation by Janell Brock 11/01/10"

"In memory of Shaun Keane
Donation by Mollie Prager 22/01/"

"Good luck in your voyage (Frog Spawn). No need for toilet paper, just take a towel!
Donation by Puggy 01/02/10"

"Donation by Sean nugent 08/02/10"

"In Memory of Shaun Keane,from an old friend of the family, Good Luck in your fundraising
Donation by Ronnie Fletcher 15/02/10"

"In Shaun Keane's Memory. Thanks for all you are doing for Motor Neurone Disease. Bon Voyage
Donation by Maureen Benn 15/02/10"

"In Memory of Shaun Keane, From an old friend of the family & Leeds Irish Golf Society, Now Living in Ireland, Great Cause ,Have a safe Journey
Donation by Tony Gallagher( Himself) 15/02/10"

"In Memory of Shaun Keane,God's Speed in your fight to find the cure for MND, Parkinson's & Alzheimer's
Donation by The Famous Bridge "Girls"from Marbella, Spain. 15/02/10"

"in Memory of my dear cousin's Son, Shaun Keane. Thanks for taking on this Great expedition for the Big Three Neurological Diseases, MND,P/insons& Alzms
Donation by Jean Lindley 15/02/10"

"In Memory of Shaun Keane,We new him from been a young man, Sailing for the cure is a noble thing, Good Luck
Donation by David & Linda Ward 15/02/10"

"In memory of Matt John Nolan III. Love from your grandson (and new granddaughter in law) Steve & Sarah McFarlane
Donation by Steve McFarlane 24/02/10"

"Great cause! I wish you Fair Winds specially, when not using toilet paper :-)
Donation by Andrew Kot 24/02/10"

"Good luck with the fund raiseing and the voyage
Donation by don kitson 26/02/10"

"One of the Bridge Ladies from Marbella,Spain
Donation by Patricia Miller 05/03/10"

"All you need is a small ship and a star to steer her by......have a great trip.
Donation by Gordon Anderson 26/03/10"

"To Don and all of the other "crazies" on the boat ... Best of luck with your incredible expedition.
Donation by Sibylla 07/04/10"

"Well done Don. Will follow your trip, with interest & admiration. God speed for you, Margie and all the crew. (ex-Nana Glen NSW Primary Teacher)2

"Donation by Mike Edwards 07/04/10"
I wish you a safe journey and the greatest success in raising funds for this very worthwhile cause!
Donation by Julie Mitchell 08/04/10"

"Donation by Jemma Walton 17/04/10"

"Row row row the boat gently down the East Timor Sea. Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. Little tune to help you on your way! G'Luck!
Donation by Anthony Phillips 19/04/10"

"Good luck Don, looking forward to keeping up with your stories and hope to seeyou in Lyttelton 'when the long trick's over'. Sue from Haku II
Donation by Sue Stubenvoll 22/04/10"

"God's speed,for a safe and enjoyable voyage,thank you
Donation by John Minns 22/04/10"

"Donation by Anonymous 25/04/10"

"Good luck Bounty Club Switzerland
Donation by Bounty Club Switzerland Edi Spengler 25/04/10"

RLN said...

Ms. Shaw ... Excellent send off phrase "May the good forces of the Universe..." which I haven't heard or read before but plan to use myself in the future. Thanks for being creative.