Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get it OFF!

This is Dave Pryce in what he used to wear sailing…but not anymore, NO sailing gear allowed on Talisker Bounty Boat.

Very frustrating day today trying to get satellite comms and Ndura computer talking to the sky so I can send out emails and photos etc..no luck yet. Margie has been at it for most of today. Camera gear is all arriving late and so many things bunching up to deadlines. Why am I not surprised? It is always like this, even after four years. I wish it were not this way, but that is how it goes.

Stuart Kershaw and Dave Wilkinson have been filming Dave’s life in Hong Kong, but right now they are taking great delight in emailing me live photos of their nightlife. Stuart is unattached… I think?

Great bit of logistics planning was achieved today and I am dribbling thinking about it…I have organised for a couple of frozen chickens, and three cabbages to be delivered to Restoration Island in the great Barrier reef. Bligh stopped there and got Palm hearts, Birds, oysters and berries for a big feed..the Chickens will be the birds, Cabbages the Palm hearts…after 26 days at sea that will be the best stew ever!!! …

Chris is in the air now. Dave Pryce sails out tomorrow on Blizzard for his birding trip and will meet us in Tonga on the 15th April…Don


Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

If Stuart Kershaw wasn't unattached before , he will be now!

bernice said...

glad to hear that full crew has been sorted bet by the time you get to eat said chickens it will taste like pheasant the cabbage like spun silk lol will be watching your blogs daily with much interest bernice