Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sheryl from Los Angeles, a member of the Diageo Support crew, attempts to stow away.

Wow...I am in Expedition mode as I am using my $10 plastic glasses now and they are not as good as my Italian ones that are now packed...we just had the most amazing Roast Turkey dinner on board Ianthe with Talisker Bounty Boat still tied alongside.The anchorage is very rolly as the wind is now from the North west and has been blowing Hard all night , 30kts with incredible Tropical down poors and low vis.

I am sleeping on TBB by myself with the others crashing where they can on the support boat. The Cover on TBB is leaking like a sieve so that is going to make life miserable in the weeks ahead but hey we know that. The bad news is the the conditions have been too bad and the wind from the wrong direction for us to move. As I write the wind is dropping and it is slowly changing directions so we are confident of getting underway tomorrow. We will not be on the site of the Mutiny by dawn however!! which is disappointing but risk minimization is our priority at the moment. We are all set to go but will have to have our Mutiny celebration at dawn tomorrow on the anchor here.

This anchorage is a tricky place to get out of with reefs everywhere so we will probably not move till around midday and then head out to the Mutiny mark and sail through the night to Tofua..I am now hoping we have enough wind to sail as it is dropping fast. Bligh had no wind on the morning of the Mutiny and rowed all day for Tofua arriving just after dark and standing off till dawn...

Bligh is on my mind every day now. We are doing final checks and eating as much as we can..but that creates the problem on plenty waiting to come out and no toilet paper remember!! so I am starting to taper off now...I have lost a bit of my 7Kg that I have put on over the past few months but feel OK about the idea of Bounty rations.

Margie has been picking up all my work load and now she and I both know that there is nothing that I can do but get out there and get this thing rolling. She has to clean up the mess and keep shore-side happening!

Yesterday was frustrating sitting out the weather but it has made us all raring to go . There is nothing left for us to do. everything is set. As Capt. I have everything I could want to do this as best we can the way Bligh did. The Boat is fantastic, the safety plan ready to go and the four of us NUTTERS! are really one team ready for a bit of fun.

This is not going to be easy but it is going to be worth watching. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us, the commitment of Diageo and Talisker, all the people working behind the scenes, our supporting sponsors and friends, everyone who has helped to get us here. There are too many of you to mention but I will say that Margie continues to be the hidden strength backing me up! Please remember we are doing this for SIF too. if you ever want to help us now please go to the just giving site.The crew on TBB want to see the numbers raising steadily while we are out there. I said right at the beginning that we have a far greater chance of surviving this trip than do sufferers of MNd, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or La Maladie de Charcot, depending on where you are in the world; it all spells misery! We will fight hard till the end so please think about that.

Oops! What have we done? I guess there is about to be a Mutiny! Don


Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

I think you must have been drinking sea water?
That is not a stowaway?
It's the "Lucky Ship's Kitten"
So feel free to take her with you!
Cheers Stuart

Mike said...

Don - fair winds, kind seas and God's blessing as you set off today (it's midnight here at the Marine Rescue Base, Sydney)
We all wish you well.
Mike (Nana Glen)

amanda said...

Dear Don and crew

Wishing you all the very best of luck and health during your fantastic voyage and hope you manage to have some fun too!! Myself and the girls are sending you a great big hug to keep you safe and im sure shaun will be watching, admiring such a gentleman, doing something so courageous for such a worthy cause, he was so very proud to know you. God bless you all, all the very best, the keane family, amanda,ally, amy and abigail xxxxx

worldwidewendy said...

Wow Don, you look AMAZING in that bikini !!!

RLN said...

Nutter Four ... Bummer you can't be at the mutiny mark at dawn but a wise decision to wait for a safe tow away from Kelefesia island. (pic here)
TBB is in the blue west bay.

Good luck and have a safe memorable voyage.

Deb said...

Hi Don + Margie,
Well, what can we say? you are both an inspiration, and your dedication to this adventure is awesome. We've seen you guys in action on 'Huey' and you both taught us so much, especially to have dreams and reach for the stars. Don, be safe, we are thinking of you. Thanks for being such awesome role models for or girls. Deb, Nick, Adelie + Stella xxxxx 'Fair winds to ye'

Tonga Visitors Bureau (Ministry of Tourism) said...

Folau a - fakatauange ke langimalie 'ae folau pea ke taufonua.

Bon voyage - may you enjoy good weather and reach land safely.

'Ofa atu (with love),

Tonga Visitors Bureau (Ministry of Tourism)


Anonymous said...

As the Hon Prime Minister said on behalf of the Tonga Government at the commissioning at Touliki Naval Base on 19 April, "You sail today with our blessings, with our hopes and our good wishes!"

Rachel said...

Good luck Don. I'm the daughter of Christine and Trevor Dickinson that you met recently on an antarctic cruise. You are a huge inspiration and I am very excited for you and your team. I just read about you in the paper over my morning coffee...can't wait to read about your adventures. Will be following avidly!