Friday, April 30, 2010

"North West coast of Tofua which is where Bligh's Cave is situated."

After a night drifting around in light breezes waiting for dawn we found it challenging to make the North West coast of Tofua which is where Bligh's Cave is situated. The wind was from the west and the ground swell made any approach impossible. By mid morning we decided to anchor on the Northern coast and carefully sailed in to drop our anchor in deep water coral.

During the night we had damaged our tracking system test light and pulled the VHF Aeriel of the mizzen mast so there are a list if things to de before setting out from here. I am surprised at the ongoing damage we are getting but we are prepared for it. The camera support boat has followed us here to film and will come no further returning to Nuku Alofa maybe tomorrow night.

The westerly winds are no good for us as we only sail about 70 degrees into the wind so there is no way we would be able to head to Fiji till it s wings around so we are stuck here like Bligh was waiting for weather.

Chris decided to swim ashore to explore the island,I replaced the rudder pin toggles with bolts as they were falling out,set up a safety line for moving forward onto the bow, repaired the tracker and caught some small fish for bait. Quilter kept busy doing plenty of odd jobs and checking the anchor. As I write we are running anchor watch all night as I am worried that the rope will cut on the coral.

At about 3pm Stuart our camera man wanted to trek to Bligh's Cave as a local living on the island knew where it was...I stayed with the boat for safety reasons but the others headed turned into the epic it was not meant to be? climbing down cliffs and finally returning to the beach well after dark..with some tall stories but they got to the Cave!

I was worried that they would eat food outside the TBB rations but it was only a coconut..they stank when they got back obnboard with me though as they broke the rules and had a bath..salt water..on the support boat! Dave Wilkinson who is having really problems with the lack of food and other issues broke the biggest rule and used the toilet and paper on the support boat which really annoyed me as that is not the spirit..but what can I say..for me it was in the water for a swim and go to the toilet at the same paper needed!!

Looks like we will be here for two days then off to Australia..I hear the Google earth maps are up can see the volcano and us..I am in the cockpit under the volcano writing has been steaming all day and is now going OFF!! the red glow is illuminated in the steam..amazing place this!!

Strange thing..with our small rations I am coping ok and still have a ships biscuit left...I ammo full..true!!...Don


Eric Tessier said...

Can't wait to read what's next.

I wish you the biggest of success!


magpie said...

Hi Crew,
It must be really hard not to worry about little things when you're all squashed together in a tiny boat. I hope your chain of command is holding true. Toodle pip ♫♫♫

Bob from Seattle said...

Wow! How totally interesting. No place to land the boat. John Norton stoned to death by some natives on Tofua I just read on Wikipedia. I didn't realize it was THAT island until a few minutes ago.

What's with Dave using the support boat toilet? He'll have to receive some type of punishment like cleaning all the fish :-) or the rope :-) :-)

Have fun guys; stay civil with each other; it's all you got.

Sahaja Sam said...

As Jesse slowly but surely makes her gentle and triumphant way home, I like Mike Perham and thousands of others, pick up your epic journey as one of our excitment injections for the day ! Thank you for making this voyage and for sharing it with us all here on dry land. The first little things that are already happening re: baths and bog roll episodes etc., are just the beginning of what is going to be a massive test of tollerence, compassion and remembering that we modern humans are used to so many superfluous comforts, that it's going to be far harder for you guys than it ever was for the original crew. Wishing you all the very best, and thanks
Sam in Mexico

Bob from Seattle said...

Sam in Mexico ... When you commented on the comparison of this crew getting along to Bligh's, the first thing I thought of was Bligh was in total control. At least that's the logical assumption because he was allegedly a tyrant on the Bounty. Now based on all the blog entrees so far, Don is the Captain but he declined to bring along his cat o' nine tails whip. And I'd be willing to bet, after he found out the rest of the crew boarded the support boat, that he regretted that decision :-)

marg & art hay said...

Hi Don, Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and wish you all the best for your latest venture. Even though we don't keep in touch, we still follow your adventures with interest and admiration. A.Bet (Mum) worries about you but is very proud of you both. Good Luck and stay safe, Love Marg and Art.

Marg & Art Hay said...

Hi Don, Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and wish you all the best for your latest venture. We still follow your adventures with interest and admiration and hope your journey has all the success you are wishing for. A.Bet (Mum) worries about you but is very proud of you both. Good Luck and stay safe, Love Marg and Art xxxxx.

worldwidewendy said...

Toilet watch.
It's always the little things.

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Guys
Well I for one would want to be up wind of you, going on the history of sailors bathing was not a past time and remaining in the same clothes for the voyage was normal. The English were not into wiping their backsides or washing on a regular basis. Food depridation is certainly going to be a challenge until your stomachs become acustomed to the miniscule food rations. Iwish you all well.
Evie from Bendigo Victoria.

Sahaja Sam said...

Bob in Seattle and all others; your comments are bringing me chuckles and smiles and I am already hooked on this voyage and all that it implies for Don and crew and one thing I have felt strongly is that out at sea you have the opportunity to remember that we are never really in control of anything...we might like to give the outward impression that we are but it is only by dropping control that we can pass through the reef unharmed.
Sincere blessings Talisker crew, live it and love it all !