Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mutiny Day +221 Years

Mutiny Day dawned here exactly 221 years since Bligh had been cast adrift from his ship but with markedly different conditions. In contrast to the calm conditions that Bligh experienced we had a steady northwesterly. Right on the nose for us to head to Tofua from our paradise island.

Not to be deterred, we went onto a no food / no toilet paper regime and prepared for sea hoping that the conditions would improve and start complying with the gentle south easterly breeze forecast. It was almost lunch by the time we realised that enthusiasm wasn't going to be enough to give us the conditions to set off. You might think that we were disappointed but actually we raced down to the galley and knocked back a late breakfast before preparing for lunch. How are we going to manage on Bligh's limited rations??

The afternoon was spent sailing around the lagoon in the Bounty Boat while cameraman Stuart filmed firstly from the masthead of Ianthe, then the deck and finally from below the turquoise waters in Scuba gear.

It was a great day but all the antics took its toll on our precious craft. A rope got caught under the forward hatch damaging its latch and an eyelet was pulled out of one of our solar panels. A sharp blow and reminder to be every so carefully with our delicate gear in a tough environment.

The support crew whipped up a great meal again tonight which is going to make the "hard tack" diet even harder to take. Don has been cast adrift astern, as the Bounty Boat was being tossed around like a rodeo rider alongside the Ianthe as the wind whipped a nasty chop up across the reef.

Fingers crossed for a fair breeze and better conditions for mutiny tomorrow.

I wonder whether Bligh might have been saved the mutiny that day if the weather had been more demanding??

Dave Pryce / Quilter


Anonymous said...

Enthsuiasm is heaps good but probably not enough to change the weather - just look at what Jessica Watson is going through at the moment - wish her all the best and hope it settles down for her on this last leg. You "raced down to the Galley for lunch"..........what did that involve - about 3 stairs????lol 0.4 seconds.......? There won't be too much racing down to the Galley for lunch once you get underway so hope it was an enjoyable experience and you all made the most of it!!!
Once you get out there I suspect it will be more like - say - Here's the scenario - Don "Hey Quilter, here's you rations for the day" Quilter "Cheers" - Dave and Chris "Hey Quilter - look at that Pod of Dolphins - they're amazing - look one of them has 18 fins" - Quilter staring overboard looking for them vaguely and ..........well needless to say the two Poms have knocked off his food.........Can't trust Poms!!! Good luck Guys - wishing you all the best again.....MJ from Brisbane PS No offence intended to Poms - well not much anyway I'm a Kiwi so probably a little offence intended!!!!:-)

magpie said...

Hi Crew,
She looks fabulous and not too low in the water. I hope the Talisker rations are safely stowed. Bon Voyage and all that, Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

viviane said...

All the best, we will be eager to read about it, an incredible adventure and a lot of courageous crew to do it with.... Viv

RLN said...

If we could only control the weather. Us humans have come a long ways in controlling events on earth but the weather will always have a mind of its own.

I suppose you are all trying hard to remain patient and calm as you struggle with the persistent question of whether to eat or not and how much.

Hoping for a good steady SE breeze tomorrow.

Patron Stuart Keane said...

Two more Comments from some kind people who have donated to help find the cure into MND, Lou Gerhigs , Als Disease.

We are so excited for your adventure and applaud the journey. Fond regards to all hands. Donation by Sigrid Stillman 27/04/10

We are so excited for your adventure and applaud the journey. Fond regards to all hands.
Donation by Sigrid Stillman 27/04/10

Thank you for being so kind.
Stuart Keane Patron of SIF

Dan near Toronto said...

How time flies...221 years eh? just seems like yesterday that I was following Mike Perham on his voyage and later following Shawn Quincey on his Tasman crossing, and now you lads are off on a great adventure too. All the best, and remember the dolphins will be watching over you along the way just as they did for Mike last year.

Bob from Seattle said...

The red dot moves! Yes !!! I see you are a few miles to the SW of Nomuka island as we speak, which means the comfy cove at Felefesia with it's gourmet food is in your wake. Well done crew of four. Now it starts; the adventure of a lifetime. May Neptune and all the gods & goddesses especially those who frequent Earth's beautiful oceans be with you and may the good forces of the universe be with you too. At least until your safe arrival in Timor.