Monday, April 26, 2010

Bathing In Luxury!

Another day in Paradise dawned here at Kalafesi Island. In contrast to yesterday it was completely overcast and rained increasingly as the day developed. None of us were inspired to head ashore and instead we made final adjustments. Cut a few lines for lashings, tried to find things and in the process lost a few more in the jumble of dry bags that are stowed in the Bounty Boat.

I had a close look at the passage plan as basic as it is given our limited navigation equipment. Fiji seems to be our greatest navigational challenge with the first obstacle cropping up only two dayts out of Tofua. So much coral reef for several days on end.

The pay off for a rainy day was the chance to wash in fresh water which we collected in buckets and cooking pots. Wow did that feel great after days of accumulated salt from swimming and salt spray. It was all I was needing to be ready to set sail. At least we will start feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Mark ran a few old Polynesian movies inspiring us about the Polynesian seafaring history which is very impressive. Their fast multi-hull craft navigated the Pacific populating from the west by sailing. They were fast, weatherly and look like so much fun.

Tonights dinner was perhaps our last cooked meal as all going well we may set sail for the mutiny site tomorrow afternoon. It is all getting very close. We should be feeling some anxiety but it has crept up so steadily that there seems no surprise. I wonder what the other guys are thinking?

We're waiting for the bad weather to pass, hopefully it will be clear skies for us tomorrow. If we're that lucky, we'll be making our way to the point of the mutiny and from there, onto the island of Tofua. But if the weather is against us, we'll just play it by ear.

So much ahead of us. I hope you will hold our hands through this one.



Chairman of the Patron's said...

Dear Don,
I just wanted to send a note of appreciation and utmost admiration on the start of another epic journey

The fact that you should help the Foundation in such an enterprise is fantastic

May I thank you and the crew, wish you well, and with the knowledge that you are helping in no small way the research into until now an illness so little discussed

With every best wish


Barry Townsley

Chairman of the Sheffield Institute Foundation for MND

RLN said...

Quilter ... Well I'm already starting to go back & forth from your red dot position from your home page to Google earth to see what you guys have in store for yourselves. I haven't been able to locate through research the coordinates of where Christian forced Bligh into the boat, so looking forward to seeing where the red dot is at launch time. I imagine i should figure out your local time compared to mine so as not to miss the actual start. It would be nice for your blog person (Stuart I think) to keep the red dot position at the launch site for longer than usual for us curious geography loving types. Thanks

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear RLN,
Our website designer is frantically working getting the tracer to operate, for some strange reason it should be showing TBB's position every two hours, and leaving that record for everyone to see what route /Position that The TBB has traveled. So please bear with us.
and Please keep the comments "Flowing" as you are now "Part of the Team"
Cheers Stuart

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Hi Every one,
I have just found out that it is Professor Pam Shaw's Birthday today.
Happy Birthday Dear Pam - I Think that she must be 200 years younger that the first Bounty Boat adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

Small boat, large hearts!!

Wishing you every success as you start your voyage.

Will be following your progress daily.


magpie said...

☺☺☺ Happy Birdee Pam ☺☺☺