Thursday, April 29, 2010


We are chasing Bligh in earnest and hope to catch him tomorrow at dawn. We departed the anchorage at 11 o'clock this morning after a wild night. I slept alone on Talisker Bounty Boat at the end of a long rope with waves breaking into the cockpit at times. We made the decision to head out and try for Tofua. Last minute gear was transfered from the support boat and everyone was aboard quicker than expected and in no time we were off.

The sail toward Tofua has been spectacular with some cruel ironies. We've been looking at three blocks of chocolate and a tin of baked beans, all waiting to be stowed. Food is already on the we've yet to eat today. We're on our water rations of 2 litres a day. And we all agree, it's good to be short. Quilter is 6ft 2" and simply does not fit into this boat, but fortunately the sailing has been gentle and we have had the time to work out our own space. The sun has just set and the moon slowly rises behind us as we sail in about 12 kts of warm breeze at about 3 kts.

Plenty of laughs today. Hunger pangs. Flatulence. Flatulence at close quarters I might add. Discussions about the most desired things we hope for in Kupang. It's all hard to believe this is all actually happening now - Dave just broke wind, I believe that proved my point. More laughter.

We get to enjoy our first sea biscuits at one minute past midnight. We've managed to stow about 12 coconuts and over100 limes. Dave burps and quickly proceeds to beg me not to write it into the blog. More laughter.

Life does not really come any better right now. The boat is dry, but the compass is awfully hard to see in the darkness. We're hoping the full moon will illuminate Tofua as it rises higher into the night. Tofua looms 15 miles away as I type. We haven't set up a navigation routine yet and there's still plenty to organise but like Bligh we hope to get fully organised once we reach land.

Spoke too soon. Wave just broke across bow. Boat now wet. Shame.

We know the landing at Tofua will be challenging so we hope for favourable weather at dawn.

I am currently dictating this words to Chris from my comfortable seat in the cockpit while he does all the work, in order to convey my status and power. *Steers off course* I might add that my two-finger typing is highly ineffective, so no doubt I will rope the cabin boy into more writing at dusk.



Anonymous said...

LOL!! Good to hear we are barely out there and already the fart (sorry flatulence) jokes and burp jokes are starting!! Nothing like a bunch of 12 year old boys (going on 40 - 50ish) to still be able to giggle at some fart jokes!! You take up as much space as you want Dave given you are 6ft 2in - just kick em out of the way.. The downside is though you will be the first they want to eat cos there is so much of you!!!!!! Stay safe guys and good luck!!

magpie said...

Hi Crew, Fart jokes already!!! You lads have an intimate relationship already! Great to see...I mean hear, lol. ♫♫♫ Toodle Pip ♫♫♫

Anonymous said...

It's great you guys have left. I think everyone's a bit concerned for Jesse at the mo... I hope she's ok! Well done and have fun out there!


Anonymous said...

Re The Flatulence Experience.

I'm afraid that is what the world is coming to! You have to face up to reality that we now all live in a Flatulence society.
It gone on behind closed doors for eons but people were loathed to admit it!
But my, how standards have dropped in this modern age? I am shocked to learn that someone is now actually "Flatulating in open boats."

But I suppose it's better than no wind at all? especially if you are in a sailing boat?

Anonymous said...

Good luck guys

Can we get a map like Jessica to watch your progress!

I am sure that we are fartsinated by your progress...

Captain Peter F. Black said...

Congrats and good luck!

Bob from Seattle said...

Wow, a wave over the bow already. Some small boats are really curved up at the bow and stern to prevent this but not so much TBB. I would like to see a pic of how the covering looks close up (saw it from a distance in Kelefesia bay pic) so maybe when you are on Tofua, you could snap one for us please. It seems the possibility exists of the electronics getting soaked. You guys wrap everything up in plastic when not in use?

Anonymous ... There's a map (chart) under the position heading on they're home page but the islands are not named so I use it in conjunction with Google earth. Works great! You can type in the lat/long coordinates and it will zoom right to the boat's current position.

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

I cannot believe it either! That you are only 15 Miles from Tofua!
It brings back all the memories from last August & September when we were at Chatsworth House and then the Boat Show in Southampton Showing The Talisker Bounty Boat, the memories were of all the 1000's of times you & I had said to the public "That after the Mutiny the Bounty Boat made for Tofua"
and now your nearly there! Wow

Anonymous said...

Best Of Luck MEN !! we have been watching and waiting with interest, but I do agree there needs to be a better map, {what Jess has is so easy} there are a lot of local school children also having more interest now the voyage has started. May the elements be kind to you.

Anthony Phillips said...

Sounds as though you may need to re-assess your carbon footprint and effect on global warming.