Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lost in the CYBER SEA'S

For Some Mysterious reason this blog has just arrived to me, it is obvious that it was sent before the Talisker Bounty Boat Set Sail!- Had It Got Lost in the SOUTH CYBER SEA'S?
Cheers Stuart

Another..... day anchored of this beautiful Island while the westerly winds delay our departure. I confess to feeling a tad frustrated and along with the rest of the crew, simply want to get on with it.....

Ita 5.30am and I am on anchor watch on board "IanThe Cardiff" our support boat after another restless night in the hammock on the deck. Just reflecting on what I have to report? Last evening, while tieing Talisker Bounty Boat along side, Effie one of our support crew was standing on the foredeck, facing the ocean and singing, oblivious to us around, she sang from her heart, it was beautiful to witness and I found myself envious of her serenity and willingness to just let go and express herself this way. How often do we let go and so here I am, on the fordeck while the boat sleeps and I am going to sing myself, though a little less volume to avoid awaking my fellow crew... With a full moon to keep me company I break out with some of my favorites, Dire Straights, Communique, money for nothing, Clash's Londons calling, even Lenard Cohan's Chelsea Hotel and I concluded my repertoire with Sex Pistols version of My Way, and I confess to feeling very liberated!!

Other than this, I simply hope that we will leave VERY soon and in the interim that Chris will read "Heay Weather Sailing" rather than watching Forrest Gump....

PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR MY DAUGHTERS - Lucinda and Isabelle, I am sorry I was unable to call you before we left. Can you please phone Nigeland Carina to check Max is OK hes never been away from us all before. Hope you are both well. I love you
Dad x.

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