Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dave arrived in Sydney at 7am yesterday , Chris the day before..Pete started with the media shoot at 8.30am the to the Mitchell library and the Bligh Artefacts/Press launch which was awesome..then team meertings in the afternoon..Dave went shopping!...another late night with UK media and now up at 6am for some morning TV…all CRAZY here..Chris is a cool DUDE!! and will fit in well so everyone all smiles here…will come back with more later today…MY room is covered with all the Camera and satellite gear…still no Sat emails??.Margie is BUSY!.Every one in Tonga is gearing up for us..they have been fantastic!!...time is Flying…have to go….DON

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johnboi said...

Just caught up, not had time to reply. Just wanted to say well done on getting the full crew. Good to see you have another brit on board, cant go wrong with them :P Shame Mike couldn't do it, but hey ho, Im sure there will be another adventure for him soon.