Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Genius" and "Madness"

"Don, I am writing this to you and your crew as I sit here thinking that it
is just a few day's now before you set sail in earnest.
I still vividly remember when we first met at the Diageo offices to "launch"
the Talisker Bounty Boat to all our employees there. You definitely
convinced me that day that the line between "genius" and "madness" is very
thin indeed!
Of course your adventures to date already make your life remarkable and make
most of us look very boring. Changing your crew at the last minute for added
excitement seems entirely in keeping with your spirit to me!
And although this may be "just another adventure" to you and the crew
.....for me as a SIF patron it's an adventure with an enormous "cause"
behind it.
I believe Pam and her team will find a cure for MND and you and your team
will be a part of making this happen.....part of history.
Without doubt there will be "dark moments" during your voyage and I hope
that knowing that we are all rooting for you and that you are part of an
amazing possibility will sustain you all!
So I wish you and the crew smooth seas, following winds and above all, good
With all our thanks..."

Nick Rose
CFO Diageo

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Jonathan Stone said...

Don & Crew

As a non-swimming teetotaler, I was never much in contention for a place on your Crew; always happier to be on dry land with a glass of water!

But, as a Founder Patron and Trustee of the SIFMND, I applaud your bravery and generosity of spirit which has led you to undertake this expedition and thereby to support SIFMND, as the world struggles to eradicate the horrendous disease that is MND, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or La Maladie de Charcot, depending on where you are in the world; it all spells misery.

Jonathan Stone
New York

Sarah Dunne said...

Hello Don and the rest of the crew,

I'm a patron of the Sheffield Institute Foundation for MND - I met you last year at Chatsworth Don, I'm the reporter from the local paper.
Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to say GOOD LUCK in your incredible mission. What you are doing is absolutely amazing, and the fact that you are raising money for SIF as you go is just brilliant. We are all so grateful and will be following your progress every step of the way. I will of course also do some further press coverage around the launch and then at different stages of your journey.

All the very best,

Elaine Greenwood said...

Dear Don and members of the Bounty Boat crew,
After losing my wonderful husband to MND two years ago I doubted that I would ever feel inspired by anything ever again but since becoming a Patron of SITraN in the company of so many determined and courageous people sharing the same goal I realized there is indeed a great deal left to fight for and to be inspired by. The Bounty expedition will draw the eyes of the world towards your incredible adventure and to your amazing example. I wish you all every success and and safekeeping on your voyage and look forward to having the chance to meet you all upon your return.

With love and very best wishes.

Elaine Greenwood.

Ann Herring & Claire Hartley said...

To Don and the Bounty Boat Crew,

Wishing you all the very best and a safe journey home.
Kindest regards and thinking of you all.
Ann Herring and Claire Hartley

Anonymous said...

He looks so young to be the "Pope"