Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ready set-Don't go!!

They went without me!
The day started Ok checking out of the Royal Sunset resort. Sybilla from the Ministry of tourism rushed our life Jackets through customs and procured a badly needed battery for our camera lights, found us a bamboo running pole and drove the crew around for some last minute things..the plan was then for Quilter to sail Talisker Bounty Boat to another Island and the support team , having now moved onboard the support boat would all meet up on another Island about five miles away...I would go out on the resort boat a couple of hours later . So everyone left..and then I found out there was a problem with my credit card paying the bill...19000 tongan dollars...all technical issues so I had to stay and talk to my bank etc...looks like it will now be sorted in the morning and I will be able to get back onboard TBB...right now I am sitting at the Royal Sunset resort by myself..I did not realise how tired I was getting until I stopped!

So we are another day behind but I get to spend some Quality time by myself in a bed for the last time till June 14th...Margie is frantically still trying to sort comms plans and crisis management plans that need to be in place within the next week and logged with the Rescue Coordination Centres in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji so still plenty going on. I have been doing quite a few radio interviews and many outlets are after me as Jessica Watson is getting closer to home...she has some tough weather behind her so it will be hard work right to the end for her but what a Champion!

Our forecast is now suggesting the blow is moving further back, so not looking good for the 28th..when Bligh had the mutiny they were is now looking like 35kts for us on that day, in that spot??

I think we are about ready to go..the tracker did not move on the web site when the boat moved, so Dave our web builder is working on that, but the wait is just about over!

Just to let you know how organised we was in 1990 that I last had to use a sextant for real..that was when I sailed solo from Sydney to Tonga as my 2000 mile qualifying voyage before the BOC Challenge single handed around the world yacht race...I can still remember packing my sextant away when I dropped anchor just a few miles from here ..I have never used a sextant in earnest since..anyway I now have to learn how to do it again...I will be using an Octant.. Bligh had a head start but hey..I like a challenge!. For now I am off to that bed!..Don


Anonymous said...

Sweet Dreams- you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Jess is a little legend - love her heaps cos i am a kiwi but she is smacking it like you would not believe. Still has some rough stuff to go.................Don?? are you just lazing back in the comfy Hotel beds while the others are out there suffering??? If so - good on you!! LOL Time to get moving ok = the world is watching you - good luck and safe sailing - god I wish I was there - really believe you need a woman on board - we will see!!

RLN said...

Hope you aren't held hostage for too long at the Royal Sunset resort. Could be worst places to be detained I suppose. Your mind must be going a thousand miles per hour. Hope it all comes together for you and your crew and you can start off with LESS than 35 knots of wind. Where's luck when you need it?

Janell said...

Don - Those unexpected delays are frequently blessings in disguise. Here's hoping you got some good sleep! And that the crew got some good rest as well.

One more time, thank you and Margie for the S&S 34 that Jessica is aboard! You knew what you were doing when you provided it for her....she is an Australian gem and inspiration to the world!

Have enjoyed the Bounty Boat blog over the past several weeks and will continue to check in daily. All the very best to you and crew on your courageous voyage! :) Ya'll are a brave group of guys!

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

magpie said...

Hi Don and crew,
Toodle loo goodbye to you we're glad to see you go........
Don't forget to go before you go or that rag...well, you know.
I'll leave it to Paul Simon ♫♫♫ "Still crazy after all these years."♫♫♫

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Hi Don. I've posted a story about your epic voyage in my blog

It has been published in the Pitcairn and Norfolk Island newspapers.

Do you know that the premier of Queensland, Ann Bligh, is a great-great-great-great-great-grand-daughte of Bligh of the Bounty?

Good luck! Best wishes to you and your crew.

RichieParis said...

Sometimes things that must happen do happen.
Master Don was tired? The boat goes without him and he can rest. Ain't it sweet?
Your voyage leaves me all admirative. And a little bit fearful, when I read about the weather forecast!
There is a french saying that could fit your enterprise:
"There is a lck for drunkards", i.e. the people who do crazy things are sometimes especially blessed by luck, and go through safe and sound. You're daring, you are great!
Terrific Jessica has smashed another nasty storm, though having been knocked down once more, but she is extraordinarily positive, happy, and in the best fighting spirits. What a girl!!! What could resist her?
Go on, Talisker boys, we are and shall be pushing you and cheering you up!