Friday, April 30, 2010

"Anchor Watch"

Hey, I guess it has been quite some time since I did my first blog, even though I've been on this laptop almost every night. I just haven't felt that enthused about writing up a blog lately as I just didn't have a lot to add to anything. Now i'm going to take my time writing this one as I'm first out on "Anchor Watch". The rope holding the anchor could snap off on coral, so we have to be ready to bail out of here at a moment's notice if it does.. I still have a couple of hours left but i'm already stupidly tired. It has just been a very long day. A long week in fact. Eurgh, I hate sleep pangs.

Alright, this blog may make little sense as I'm glancing over my shoulder every few seconds, almost paranoid of our positionm.

Back at Kelefacia, it was obvious that tensions were beginning to fray and we haven't even set off yet! Dave shouted at me for watching a film, no doubt he was just venting his own insecurities. But at that time I was perfectly chilled and didn't really need someone interrupting my calm state of mind. And a healthy mind is worth much more in these final moments than some last minute survival revision. Anyway, I'll delve into that more when i'm more awake. If I daydream about past events, my mind wanders and before I know it I'm almost asleep. Honestly, I'd make a terrible night watchmen.

So after Kelefecia, we had a really nice sail up to Tofua. Monotonous. But enjoyable. We spend most of the night just circling the island and waiting for dawn to light our way to a landing spot. We managed to get our anchor out once we arrived, but it's unstable) Hence the anchor watch.

We had quite the epic journey exploring the volcanic landscape of Tofua. A great story there, but I'm too tired to tell it right now. I promise I'll catch you all up with the interedsdtin news tomorrow.

Goodnight to one and all,
Don't tell Don I skimped on the blog-writing tonight,
Chris xox

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Bob from Seattle said...

It's too bad time doesn't allow a trek into the caldera, if a trail even exists. I sure it's something Darwin would have relished to do.