Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three Steps Closer To Heaven!

Writing this on board the support boat "Ianthe" at anchor within the protection of the reef, of Kelefesia, a beautiful island 40 miles off mainland Tonga and three steps closer to heaven than I have ever been.

The journey here was much less ideal, with Chris and Don being towed 8 hours on board Talisker Bounty Boat, Chris was introduced to the agony of boating life, if not yet any ecstasy! I was feeling very pleased that I had got to travel in the splendid comfort of Ianthe, until I looked around and thought I was in the sick bay on board a hospital boat! Four crew members were stricken with sea sickness, some more dramatic than others, Stu our cameraman was able to project vomit at least ten foot. I felt sorry for the crew on board bounty as they were down wind though may have been grateful for the addition to their lunch! I understand Chris only vomited once, so clearly his sea legs are establishing themselves...

As we motor sailed with no land in sight and a swelling sea all inboard looked tired and drained. And then.... As if a mirage.. A group of three islands were in sight, including our desired location, the island of Kelefesia! Only now Ianthe's skipper and owner Mark Whitehead was looking pale, when he saw the reef that surrounded the island, with only limited access available, both he nerves and skill were put to the test!!

A great meal, has revived everyones spirit and laying looking at the clear sky and stars is reward enough for me! Tomorrow is another day closer to our start line, for now I will savor this moment..


A PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR MY DAUGHTERS - Lucinda and Isabelle, I managed to sneak on board our Grey sweater and I am very grateful for it as I am sleeping on deck, that was $5 well spent as it is keeping me lovely and warm...Night and I miss and love you both very much Dad x


RLN said...

Found Kelefesia island after the spelling correction. Southern edge of Ha'apai group if anyone wants to locate it. Looks like it's for sale. hmmmm....maybe if I win the lottery.

magpie said...

Hi support crew, It seems like you're at the 'frontline' aka (the movie 'Beneath hill60') receiving warmth from home from the beautiful Lucinda and Isabelle.☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺